Thursday, October 24, 2019

I am alive and trying to be social

I have been gone sooooooo long. Nearly 3 years. How does time fly by so fast?

I have not sewn anything by machine for almost 3 months. I have been making rugs from sheets and my vast stash of quilting cottons. I have emptied 15 fabric bolts. And wound more fabric on nearly half of that 15.
I am using a cork bulletin board to do my rug start. I have attached a measuring tape to the sides but seem to always make the starter 21" long. (that is the measurement of the bulletin board) HA!

Hubby made me several needles from Butler gum brushes. I have been color coordinating them to the color rug I am working on. Since August I have made 10 rugs.

The one below I have next to my bed. This one is all sheets.

Love the colors...
This will be short for now as I need to reacquaint myself with all the tools here on blog spot.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Internet issues

Here is our Maggie Mae sleeping away. She has been there all day despite all the confusion, vacuum cleaner and Hubby and I trying to get our new TV boxes and internet modem up and running. This sleeping spot was created by me this morning. You would think that it has been there forever.

Comcast forced us to get newer TV boxes despite the fact that our old ones were working well. The darn remote controls did not work. I had to have two at all times. One would turn the TV on and mute and the other would allow channel changes and volume control (sometimes).

The new ones arrived a few days ago and Hubby did his box install first. Then we lost internet for a few hours. But it came back on. He was having a good time showing me all the new features on the remote. Fast forward to this morning and he decided to set my TV box up. Not an easy task with all my junk in front of the TV cabinet. I was able to vacuum in places that had not seen one for years. HA!

BUT!!! The internet would not work at all on his computer. I go days without turning my 'puter on so I did not worry. Thought he would get it working. The poor guy was on the phone with Comcast for three hours. First they said there was an outage. But another phone call and they said there was no outage. Plugging and unplugging. Getting his laptop out and seeing if it was out equipment.  Finally the lady said we needed a more modern modem. Hubby went and bought one. Set it up and spent another hour or so on the phone with Comcast. Finally we had to make an appointment for their help. NEXT FRIDAY! A week with no internet. Now I was getting freaked out. Hubby took the laptop and found a hotspot and did his internet thing away from home. He came home and again we tried with my computer. No go. So I shut mine off. He went to his and tried to load internet and it WORKED!!! I turned mine back on and it WORKS! Guess we needed to hold our mouths right.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

July swap is all done!

July swap is all done!

I confess that I am OCD. I am proudly OCD.
Most of my factory working life I spent in shipping departments. I love counting. I love number combinations. And as a lead person I trained new people. I sure could tell who was not able to do the job. I do not know why I am saying this. I guess I wanted to share my love of counting.

Every package was opened and counted. I had 9 swappers + myself.
Easy peasy...some sent 2 sets some sent 3. I played 4 times...
except I came up 20 packages short. So I pulled 20 from my own pile and fixed the one basket that was short.
Now I am putting the swap into their respective envelopes then remembered that one swapper only swapped 5 sets! HA! I was right all along.
So funny!!!
Something like this would have major freaked me out. I have noticed that since I have been on thyroid meds that I am coping so much better with the blows that life throws at me. I get a blood test this month and then will see the Endocrinologist to see how I am doing.

Here is my Bess helping with the hexie sewing. She claims my left hip as her territory all the time. And she is so sweet that she asks first before jumping up.

Bella claims my feet/legs. Sometimes she is between my legs and other times she is also on my left side.

Here are the 200+ fabrics I ran through the Accucut. And the basket is full of my strips. This was taken a few weeks ago. But I had not posted about it.

I have 171 pink hexies with cheddar centers done. I may make them into diamonds. The two extra hexies are under each flower. I am using 3/4" hexie papers. I was punching all my hexies from junk mail and those postcards in magazines. I took a chance and bought a ream of 67# cardstock vellum. Perfect weight for hexies. Not as stiff as regular and purchased hexie papers. I bought pale gray so I can tell the difference without too much worry.
Postage stamp swap hostess!

Proud to have the last name of Mohr.

This was an article that was in this morning's newspaper. Hubby's brother is the one the article is about.

Monday, April 11, 2016

April is a new awakening of mind and spirit

I am trying so very hard. And it seems to be working. Positive vibes are, at times, hard to hold on to. But the good times seems to be more and more.

Part of this positive feeling is from spending 3 days with my quilt guild at a retreat in Shipshewana Indiana. Food and fabric and relaxation. Two very special friends are so very important to me now. I am glad I opened my heart and let them in.

I am also trying to feel happy about the impending warmer weather. I am a Winter/Fall type of person. I hate bugs and sweating.

What do you think of this yarn bowl? Isn't she precious? This was created by:
Something Lucky 13. The art of Lucky Stradley. I found her on Facebook but had to order through her Etsy shop. And all the art is named and numbered. My yarn bowl is named Callia. She was born on January 14, 2016.

I had the choice of where the yarn exits the bowl. I decided on the nose and not the teeth. The yarn moves smoothly against the ceramic surface.

Here is a photo of my sweet Bess...we love torties. She is covered in our own home grown catnip. Yep! She is happy.

This is my shaded 9 patch. It has been a Leader and Ender's project this winter.

MaggieMae and Bella snoozing together. It will not last long. Maggie will leave in a huff. All poor Bella wants to do is cuddle. She gives Maggie a great deal of respect. I am sure that soon they will be sleep pardners.

Tumbler quilts...I now have 4 made. As I was looking for another item I ran across my container with precut-tumbers in 4" and 2" sizes. All ready in foursies ready for row piecing.  Loved those templates...


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bella's growth and quilts.

Our Bella is a jumper. She is still working on the landings and tracking the object she is jumping for. Hubby gets this dangly toy inches from the ceiling and she manages to touch it and lower it as she falls back.

 We are so glad she is recovered from her spay surgery. She came home the afternoon of the surgery a bit groggy but otherwise fine. Thirsty and hungry we were relieved when she used the litterbox and then took a long nap.

A few days later we noticed a large lump on her belly near the incision that was completely healed. It was the weekend and she did not seem to be in any pain. We decided to wait for a weekday.

I called the vet on Monday and they asked us to send a photo of the lump. And here it is. They called us back and asked us to come first thing on Tuesday morning. Hubby had to be somewhere so I took Bella and he met me in their parking lot. As we were walking in his phone rang and they were looking for us. It was only 8:15! Hubby says we are in the parking lot and they rushed us back to a room. Vet examined her and said he needed to knock her out and work on it. It could be a hernia or just fluid but he needed her to be out to work on it. And that she was under warranty and there would be no charge.

So we left her there and drove home. The vet called hubby on the drive home and said it was all fluid but she would be out until later in the day. And as of today there is no sign of that old lump coming back. They even called a week later asking about her condition. I sure do love this vet. They are pricey but oh so worth it.

Bella loves my sewing machine. No, she loves me and the sewing machine is just in the way. She plays and tumbles with Lucky. But needs to be in the same room with me.

I still see no signs that she is a Balinese. Her fur is short and her tail is striped. I see no reason they would want to have kept her as a breeding female except for her loving personality. I mean she is a real easy going kitty. Very loving, nothing scares her except for the vacuum cleaner.

My daughter #2 gave me this fur lap cover and Bella has claimed it as hers. She sure looks beautiful when she is on it.

A shaded 9-patch that was my Leader & Ender as I worked on a few Tumbler quilt tops. Yes I said a few Tumbler tops. The date on my container was 2008 and it was full of tumblers sewn into 3's and also 30 rows sewn. (18 patches)
I had 2 templates made back then for a 4" tumbler and a 2" tumbler. This is one of the three 4" tops.

There are certain perks that come with being OCD. Containers stacked to the ceiling of projects and all are labeled. I have not sewn the 2" ones together as I can see them as marching around in a border of the three Tumbler quilts that I am working on.

So sorry I have been lax about posting. I can only blame Facebook!!!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Baby Bella.

My Baby Bella is so precious. She has the best personality. I can only credit the cattery and the careful breeding for her attitude. She loves people. Hardly anything scares her. It is easy to see her puzzle things through. She also has a very long attention span. And her least favorite word is "no"! At least now she knows we are talking to her when we say it.

This is Bella on September 19th 2015.
She went to the vet for a checkup and to get her up to date on her shots.
She weighed 2.65 #'s.

I was worried about the transition to baby kitten dry food. I bought 4 cases of her Royal Canin Baby Cat Instinct mousse. Her eating schedule has changed a bit. I am allowing her to dictate how much she eats. So, she is still eating 2 -3 cans a day. BUT is eating more at each sitting with a longer time between. And my worry about transitioning to dry food was not a worry at all. I witnessed her eating the big kittie's dry food! I swear she doubles her size every couple days.

And she has found the people's bed and joins us at night. She is an under the covers kitty. A natural. Look at that belly!

I moved some containers around and have been discovering wonderful components to blocks. I think this section is called Birds In The Air. Anyway I have a bunch of neutral 2" HST cut with the EZ Angle ruler.

Gotta go...made chili for hubby. Nearly the last of our tomatoes from the garden.