Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Laura's Birthday quilt

This pattern is from March 2007 Quilter magazine. And the quilt will be a total surprise for Laura. She had admired this fabric and even touched it with reverence. Then I knew I had to make her a quilt from it. I have been sewing on it solid for 4 days now. It is now ready for final assembly and borders.
This is the little block I made NOT using the Easy Angle ruler. Then the most wonderful thing happened. Bonnie Hunter e-mailed me and gave me precise tips on translating my pattern into "Easy Angle" language. Too late for me this time. I plan on making another quilt from this pattern and will use the Easy Angle this time.

Don't you just love the little raindrops on the teal fabric????????????????


Candace said...

Your quilt is beautiful, I'm sure your daughter will be ecstatic, especially since she already loves the fabrics.

Phyl said...

wow! what a wonderful surprise:).