Saturday, January 24, 2009

When to NOT clean the sewing/fabric room

Last Tuesday hubby and I discovered that the furnace was running but not putting out heat. I had been cold the day before but really did not think it was the furnace not working. After calling a repair man and getting a "first thing in the morning" appointment that turned out to be closer to noon, we soon had heat after lightening our wallets.
The problem is that access to the furnace is through the ceiling of my fabric storage and cutting room. And I needed to move vast amounts of stacked plastic bins and stacks of folded material, not to mention my super big heavy ironing board (24"X 66"). While waiting for the repairman to arrive I started sorting and moving things around while watching the Inauguration . I felt great to be straightening up this room and watching history in the making.
I dusted and know a spring clean sort of. The man came and left and I put the room back into a semblance of order. I still had all the trimming to do on my Double Delight blocks. It took me the rest of the week off and on to get them all trimmed.
So today was assembly day...but I could not find my stack of pinks for the setting triangles.
I finally found them in another room where my quilt machine is setup. I must have known I would need them and had planned accordingly. But then forgot! So anyway:

I have both halves assembled. Hubby was so nice and went to get us Chinese food so I did not have to stop and cook today. I think this pattern is my most favorite of Bonnie's. But then I love pink.
And I really like my new desk arrangement. The little craft iron is right next to me. All I have to do is spin in my chair and I can press my seams!

I used all blue batiks for the indigos that Bonnie used in her Double Delight. Also my pinks were not double pinks...just pinks. My cheddar was a fossil fern gold color.


Moorea said...

Those colors are working out terrific!I remember Bonnie saying at the beginning that any fabrics that were close could be used, and your choices are spot on. I know what you mean about sewing in front of a window, my sewing desk is set up in front of a window and it does get cold! -19 below sounds awful. For Northern CA, we have had very unusual 32'-42' degrees at night, and we have been complaining! I can't wait to see your quilt top finished.

Annie said...

Your colors look terrific together and I'm not a fan of pink. Nice job .........

Pat H. said...

I too, think this is my favorite from Bonnie. Your colors are great.