Friday, June 5, 2009

Ruler that rules-Marilyn Doheny Wedge Ruler

I made more blocks than I needed. So I have the extra 4 blocks for a doggie cage pad. My oldest daughter is getting a Shiba Inu puppy next week. This will be my way of welcoming Sheena into their family.
The quilt turned out to be 40" square. A nice size for my kitties to snuggle on. DH even likes it despite it being very PINK!
After taking to Elaine Adair I know what I failed to do. I need lots more fabrics and will use values instead of color to make my wedges.
I am so ready to start another one! Yes I am a glutton for sewing!


Karen said...

You got right on things and got your blocks done plus more. Must have been an enjoyable sewing adventure.

Elaine Adair said...

The blocks/quilts are lovely - what are you talking about??? Just not the same as what I did, but that's the thrill of quilting.

I am tempted to make several strata of really ugly fabric and see what becomes of those wedges. I'll be they work out OK, what do you think?

Have MORE fun!

Infinity Quilter said...

Your top is gorgeous! Love the colors.

nanatee said...

I love it, love it love it, great job..I might have to dig through my collection of rulers..