Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bonnie was at my home! and Star Gazing from Bonnie Hunter's Scraps and Shirttails

EVIDENCE! Bonnie was at my home on Friday September 4th! She is entering Teri's address into that great GPS tool, a Tomtom! It gets our Bonnie to where she needs to be. Or very close anyway!
I managed to ask my "across the street neighbor" Sharon, to come and take a picture of Bonnie, myself and Carol after we had pigged out at Rack&Helen's. It is a great new/old eating place here in New Haven, Indiana.

And me with our Bonnie.

And here is the Star Gazing all assembled. Those sashing strips were tricky but the end result is awesome! I still need to add a narrow border and then make all the picket fence units. But for now it sure looks great!

As usual, whenever a quilt is laid on the floor for a picture, one of my five kitties has to investigate. Looks as if Pearl was the only one awake and I managed to get a couple great pictures of my Precious Pearl.

Looks as if she likes it. And the colors go with her so well.
Then I climbed two spaced stools and got the Star Gazing onto the design wall. I put lots of pins in the top area to prevent and stretching from the hanging. On the left are some leftover blocks from former quilts. Anyone know what they are?
Today I feel a bit hung over. My hubby's older brother, Ron Mohr, is currently in a PBA bowling competition. We watched him at the alley last night and then closed a great Mexican eatery afterwards. We were up way past our bedtime. So Hubby went to watch more playoffs today. I stayed home to finish my assembly.
Ron Mohr is currently in the LEAD!!!!!!!! You can check out his progress on my hubby's blog: In one Era and Out the Other.
I found this sewing box in the clearence aisle at Walmart. I paid only $10 for the box. I love pink/brown combinations. The box is light and has all kinds of clever things on the inside and the outside.
The sections inside can be configured by moving the velcro or removed completely.
Little plastic side pockets. I do not think I would put sewing items in them while traveling but once at my location I could place the scissors or marking pens and grab them as needed.
And this side is advertised as a pin cushion. They are so very clever!!!!!
And here is my Bess. She was worn out from being the sewing/pressing supervisor today.


Kim said...

Wow those strips between the blocks give it such a different look...well done! It looks great, I look forward to seeing it done :0)

How many hours a day do you spend in your sewing room?

Happy Sewing

Elaine Adair said...

Oh gosh, name dropper, name dropper, name dropper!!! I am so jealous! 8-)))

So much fun! 8-))) Your Star Gazer layout is so clever and has given me ideas for my poor example, which needs 'something' to give it some punch - maybe this type of sashing could help it.

quiltmom said...

Great pictures of you and Bonnie and your friend. I am sure you had a wonderful time together.
I love your helpers ( aka kitties) and your scrap star quilt is really a knockout.
Thanks for sharing,

Moorea said...

What a special post! WOW- I am so jealous- you got to sew, eat & sing with Bonnie! Lucky! Your quilt is gorgeous, as usual. I wish I had a thimbleful of your talent. A girl can dream.

Michelle said...

What a spectacular quilt -- I love it!

cockermom said...

Just found your blog and going thru the archives I found the French Farmhouse quilt. I LOVE it! Now I am going to dig deeper into your archives for more fun.

bingo~bonnie said...

Subee wwhat a lucky girl you are to have met "THE" Bonnie... or as you call her... "our Bonnie" ;)

Your star quilt has taken on a whole new appearance with those cool sashings you added like in the book. Great job! Can't wait to see who the picket fences add to it even more. :)

Love from Texas! ~bonni

Rose Marie said...

I can tell you are still thrilled that Bonnie Hunter visited you! Lovely quilt!

Stacey said...

LUcky Lucky You. Love your quilts and your adventures with "Our Bonnie"
Driving Miss Stacey
Sew Far Sew Good Quilt Shop

Kim said...

Okay Bonnie's car still out front?
So show us what else you have been up too :0)! I know you've been in your sewing room working away :0)

Happy Sewing

Quilter Kathy said...

You lucky duck! Your quilt is gorgeous!

Elaine Adair said...

How many of these Star Struck have you made now, as of October 5. I have to put a date in this message because I'm scrolling through your blog and I think this may be the 4th or is it more?????