Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Pumpkin and Macy in the basket

My hubby is so artistic. He was allowed to finally make his "vomit" pumpkin he has been wanting to do for years. The Trick or Treaters really got a kick out of the pumpkin.
Macy's turn in the basket. Bess and Baby LOVE this basket. I only ever see them in it. Today I found my Macy in it. Now to get pics of Pearl and MaggieMae in the basket and my list will be complete.

I also made this construction pillowcase for my greatgrandson. It matches his construction quilt and toybag I also made. His BD is November4th. He will be three already!


West Michigan Quilter said...

Yuk, a vomit pumpkin. LOL. Love your make-yourself-comfortable cat.

angela said...

OMG are you a great grandmother. Loved the pumkin, looks great!

Lissa Jane said...

hahah @ vomit pumpkin! too funny!!!
I love your cats too.. the fluffy one is a bit like my evil Cosmo.. although he has decided to start being friendly.. only took him 3 years to work us out!

take care