Saturday, November 13, 2010

I love neutrals!

 And it shows that I love neutrals. I invaded the dreaded quilting/storage room and harvested neutrals that have been buried and have not made it into any quilts or swaps yet.
I guess I was saving them for my next life!
I cut 1/2 yard hunks off 54 neutrals. read that right 54! There was 2-3 yards from each fabric left. Once again these were purchased before I discovered scrap quilting.
And I did find two chocolate browns and added them to the group for cutting.
I think I wore out my iron and I used a whole bottle of spray starch!
Now all I need to do is cut into these lovelies. I will have two sets of 25 neutrals for my Yahoo swap! Yes!
 Love my Baby...she always gets into any container she can. Even if the container is too small.
 Here is one of the three baby squirrels. Their mother is the one that climbs the door. Stubbie allows them to feast here too. I watched the Mother bring each of those babies from somewhere in the addition. She carried them one at a time in her mouth. The youngin's curled around her body. She rested every few feet. And them climbed the spruce tree with each of the babies. I bet she was worn out! Then after a few days the babies ventured down the tree. They are still shy of me and the feeding ritual I have with their Mommie and Stubbie. I am looking forward to watching them grow. Their little tails are sooooo sweet! I think this one is a boy.
Here is Baby and Bess helping me to quilt. They always have to test drive the quilts. This one is destined for Grand daughter Zoey.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Cats love quilts....which just shows how smart they really are!! LOL My cats love "helping" too. The boy kitty also loves helping change oil, pick apples, plant garden....anything his "dad" is doing. Last night DH had his deer rifle out and was sharpening his hunting knife....boy kitty got very excited, he knows there will soon be fresh venison.

Cottage Tails said...

I'd really love to come play at your place in real life.
I love your quilts, your cats & your squirrels.

Your posts always bring a smile & I call the family to read what the squirrels are up to.

Love Leanne New Zealand.

gardenpat said...

Love your great selection of neutrals!!! Isn't it funny how we can accumulate fabrics and then kind of forget them when we're getting ready to make a new quilt. That is, unless we get with Bonnie's Stash USER'S system!! Boy, I love shopping from my stash too!!!

jillquilts said...

Love the cat and squirrel pics! And great neutrals!!

Dionne said...

Wow!! Subee you do have a lot of neutrals. I was looking for neutrals for Bonnie's Cotton Boll mystery and I was HARD PRESSED to find even enough for that quilt!

Cherie in St Louis said...

Subee, I'm impressed with your neutral collection!! I thought at first you were gathering them for Bonnie's Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll mystery. I've been enjoying your squirrel stories...and the cat ones too :)

Rose Marie said...

You know, a person can't have enough neutrals and especially when doing scrap quilts!!

Love your newest scrap blocks and a full size quilt will be wonderful!

Kathie said...

so fun to see pictures of your kitties
oh my gosh would I ever love to have that pile of neutrals!
I love them too especially those warm tones...
wow. how much do you buy of them when you see them?