Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cuisinart Pans are NOT warranteed as advertized! They lie!

A few years ago my great Hubby bought me some pans I had wanted for a long while. I love them so much that I then purchased ALL the extra pans to complete my set. This was not cheap. I bought  6 and 8 quart stock pots too. My speciality is homemade chicken and noodles and I used those pans at least once a week during the cooler months.

Fast forward...I noticed that they are all suddenly letting go of their Teflon surfaces. Every single pan!

Hubby stepped in and did the following: (read his blog)

I bought a few CHEAP new pans since mine were ALL gone for over a month!
I did not ever use metal utensils in my pans. I do not use a high heat when I cook. I am a slow cooked foods. They never went in the oven.
The RA people at Cuisinart said I had ABUSED the pans and that voided the Warranty! Geezzzz....the Teflon all started peeling all at once. I bought the pans all at once...go figure. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I assumed it was a bad batch and that all my pans were going to be replaced. NOT!
So world, there you have it.
And I also took my old stainless pans from storage. I bought them in 1967 for my hope chest. They are great HEAVY pans but they are not non-stick. They come clean with SOS pads. But I hate the feeling of those pads on my hands. I know...wear gloves...not for me. The gloves feel gross too! I am glad I still have those heavy weight pans. BUT...they do not have a hole in the handle to hang on my wall. That is a great way to not use up cupboard space. They are Aristocraft pans. I bought them from a door to door salesman when I was 17 years young.


Ann Marie said...

I would get with those people and appeal their decision, tell them how disappointed you are in their company and their products, on and on I would go. It would only take but a little of your time, and a 44-cents stamp, but it might work. I know a lot of companies will usually give if you take the time to appeal their decision. It is worth a shot. In the meantime, I would take all your heavy pots n pans to a machine shop, and ask them to cut holes in the handles so you can hang them on the wall.

TiramiSue said...

I had a similar problem with an expensive pan I bought. I have now moved on to Scanpans - all stainless steel,no prissy handles that can't take the heat, I can use them on the stove top, I can use them in the oven, and best of all, they go in the dishwasher! If stuff gets really stuck, I just put a dishwasher tablet in them with hot water - leave to soak and then in the dishwasher. I always wonder about these lifetime guarantees, whose lifetime - mine or the pans!

Gari said...

Both of you wrote a perfect review. I will keep it in mind when I am in the market for new pans. Thanks.

qltmom9 said...

I am SO sorry the Cuisinart people are being poopy! I promise to not buy from them.


Katie said...

Thank you for the warning. I won't buy their stuff.

Actually we've given up all non-stick items in our kitchen since we got a parrot. The fumes can kill them almost instantly. If it can do that I doubt I want to be breathing it either! We bought a really nice heavy set of stainless steel pans and Costco and I love them. They are way easier to clean than the non-stick anyway. Why did I wait so long! :-)

Vic in NH said...

Thank you, Suebee, for the warning! I will NOT buy any Cuisinart products from now on! I'm sorry that they refused to honor your request.

gardenpat said...

I have Calphalon pans (the commercial variety that were offered at a hefty discount individually on Amazon). They have been worth every penny and they stand by their lifetime warranty as I had to have one replaced and they never "accused or interrogated" me!
Kitchen-aid has also had amazing customer service and stands y their warranty!

Good luck!

JCnNC said...

Going viral on internet might work. I so dislike companies that do not stand behind their products. Judy C

Annie said...

That is so sad that a company won't stand by their product. But I have found that no matter how good the pan or it'd name ... the ones with the teflon coatings always have problems regardless of how you treated them. I too have gone back to my Revere ware (no coatings) that is 30 years old and still going strong!!

Stacey said...

Hi Subee, I am glad that you found some solace in sewing string blocks. That works for me every time.

Happy Quilting