Saturday, April 7, 2012

40 light Log Cabins blocks done!

I love making Log Cabin blocks. And I love looking at my light Log Cabin blocks!!!
I have 40 of these done now. So far the blocks are 7 1/2". I am ready to start on the 248 light/dark Log Cabins.
Yes I know, I am a manic sometimes. I am not even sure if this quilt will be for me or a giveaway. Only time will tell.

See the mass of containers below? I really made a good sized dent in all my pre-cut 1 1/2" strips.
But NOT using the really light strips is a bit limiting.
I will have to go harvest a few more medium lights before starting the the light/dark combinations. That is the safest way to make sure there are not too many repeats or like fabrics close to each other.

And I am not sure if 7 1/2" is going to be the final size or not. It will be much easier to add more rounds later than to have to remove rounds! Not gonna happen here!!

Our guild has a three day retreat this month. I am really thinking that if I just start cutting massive amounts of strips and then container them up, that this could be a good retreat project. Not too much thinking needed and not too many supplies needed either. I really need to try and travel much lighter to retreats. Last year I was smarter. I had things I never removed from the truck. But it was still good to know it was there if I wanted to change what I was working on. Last year I made 6 Project Linus quilts. I am going to save making those for marathon home sewing.

 I sew the blocks to the strips and then cut between the blocks. Be careful or you can ruin a block if you are not paying attention. Ask me how I know!!! I allowed three extra all light blocks. I ruined one with miss cutting. So I have a cushion of two extra. I should not need them as I did say I think the blocks have all the rounds I want on them.

Here are ten green fabrics (washed) all sorted into 10 stacks and ready for packaging for the swap I am hostessing over on Yahoo's Quiltvilleswap.

I figured out a cool way to neatly fold them to they are all the same size and fit into the baggie perfectly. I wrap them around my 4 1/2" ruler, slip it out and stuff into the snack side baggie. Slip in an address label and I am done!!!

Below are sets all folded and ready for their baggies....

And here are my two different sets of ten greens for the swap. And check out the basket of green strings for paper piecing!!!! Pre-sorted by magic!!!


sao said...

I enjoyed seeing your light Log Cabin Blocks - I don't think I have ever seen this should be beautiful!!

sao in Midlothian, VA

Bonnie said...

Hey Sue -- neat idea re -- putting strips into bag. Right now I'm not trading strings but will keep the idea in my head for the future. So, what log cabin quilt are you making? Just curious.... I'm doing (or was until it went on the back burner) a black and white lc. Need to finish something before I can go back to it...