Sunday, June 16, 2013

My definition of a neutral.

It seems as if I get a sleepless night once a week. I used to hate them. Now they are great! I can play in my stash. I mean really deep digging and sorting.

I am currently making lots of Bonnie Hunter's spool blocks. Then I was getting bored with the neutrals I was sewing with. Enter one sleepless night and I have 30 new neutrals to sew with.

I went through and tore 20" from each fabric. I will get them washed as I plan on making a new swap on the Quiltvilleswap Yahoo group. We have already swapped spool fabrics but not the backgrounds. So I asked and got  favorable replies from nearly all the swappers. They are up for an extra swap this summer.

And the definition of a neutral seems to be a personal preference. I agree with Our Bonnie on what she considers a neutral. It really does make for a more interesting quilt. But I know that is uncomfortable for some quilters.

The photo below is what I/we will be swapping.

Aren't these fabrics great? I included a few of my precious conversation prints.

And there is a method to my madness...I have made 4 Log Cabin quilts using only creams and browns with pale pink centers. I have been feeling the call of making a Log Cabin quilt without being color controlled. These neutrals will fit in perfectly for this future project.

Here is an example of a pale pink fabric being a neutral in one block and the spool in another block. It all depends on the spool color.

I now have 646 spool blocks made. If memory serves me, Bonnie said she wanted 800 spool blocks for the design she is working on. I am almost there!!!

I went through one swappers yellow strips. I cut them down and made these yellow spool blocks. Light to dark. Aren't they precious?

And since I always do a Leader/Ender as I am sewing I am using 1 1/2" squares that were extras cut from whatever.

washed fabric quiltvilleswap Hostess


regan said...

I have terrible insomnia, too.....and I love to spend that time in my sewing room! Your bowties are looking great!

Kathleen Wilson said...

Love your fabric. I should spend more restless nights in my studio. Love your spool blocks. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Andee said...

800 huh? I think I need to sew more spools!

Quilter Kathy said...

I have just started with the spools...but it is really FUN!
I probably only need another 750 to catch up to you!

Aileen said...

subee my goal was also 800 because I think it measures out to a queen size but....I am only at about 120... with about 150 more cut! I want to play with the sisters quilt and the Lazy Sunday!!. I may never come out of my sewing room! Well, thinking about it, that may not be such a bad thing! LOL!

Helen in the UK said...

Great use of those sleepless nights! Your spools are looking fab :)

Elaine Adair said...

LOVE the kitty photos! Thank you for taking care of an almost difficult pet! 8-))