Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Each one teach one!

A friend who had been missing from my life for 30+ years returned to Indiana last year after her husband died.
She has always been a seamstress. Has worked in very high end fashion stores doing alterations. She showed some interest last year in quilting. Then the "bug" bit her bad a few months ago. I started gifting her all my little triangles and leftover blocks. She has been on a roll making quilts from these fabrics.

A totally wonderful quilt made from black and white fabrics. See the staircase on the lower right side? My hubby really likes this one.

Not only is she piecing blocks but she is also doing paper piecing with the little leftovers. This little bit is just the start of a quilt for one of her doll collections. The block is 4" small!!!!

Lucky Lucy keeps making friends with all the big kitties. Here she is sharing my sewing chair with the alpha cat Macy. I cannot believe it. Macy is so contrary. She wants to be the only cat in the house. But Lucky has won her over too. Look out Macy. Lucky wants the #1 spot!

I did the last swap in the quilting room. I was not sure how Lucky would be with the baskets. She is quite a rambunctious kitten. I did not want her to tip over the baskets and have me pulling my hair out.

Maggie Mae sucking heat from a lamp over the ironing board.



Kathleen Wilson said...

Wow! that is a beautiful black and white quilt. I also love the small block and of course your kitties.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

How lucky you are to have a close friend that sews w you! And what a stunning black and white quilt that is!

Tami C said...

I really like your friend's black and white quilt! The staircase and the two churn dash blocks really caught my eye! Looks like Lucy is getting along real well with Macy. That's great! I can't put a box or basket down anywhere without Popeye getting in it!

qltmom9 said...

I heard on quiltcam that you have a new grey coat. I am unable to find a coat I like, where'd you find yours, please? LOL!

Lucy (in IN)

Nita said...

Ms Sue I have been missing you. I hope everything is well with you and your family.


Nita said...

Ms Sue I have been missing you. I hope everything is well with you and your family.


Daisy said...

Sue where have you been? I keep checking and nothing since August 28th. We are now into October. Hope you are doing ok. Daisy