Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back from the dentist...should not cook or choose/climb fabric stacks.

I have been working in my storage/cutting room gathering my fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's newest mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice. I have been making a total mess.
My colors will be: pink/gray/red/brown/neutrals  Left the mess and decided to bake a new recipe I found on FaceBook. Screwed that up major. Looked at the list and saw 2 cups milk and 2 cups buttermilk. Right you all figured it out... it was either/or not both...later when it all overflowed (thank goodness I set both pans on a cookie sheet.) Hubby ate what I scraped off. The pans are now in the oven at a much lower heat hoping that my Amish cinnamon bread is not bread pudding.

I am thinking I have a very good excuse though......

I have been back from the periodontal dentist a few hours now. Had gum surgery on three areas and he pulled my broken tooth (HAS BEEN BROKEN AND HANGING FROM THE GOLD POST FOR 4 YEARS!!!!) I have not bitten into food for that long. A bite into an apple broke it for me...on a weekend of course

He also installed a "flipper" for the missing tooth and told me to remove it at night until that hole heals. I cannot figure out how to remove the darn thing!!! I am also lisping badly. Partly from the numbing and partly from the flipper. I am beginning to feel tingles so I am thinking my feeling is coming back. But I am in no pain at all. Except where the IV infiltrated, I woke up and said "hi I am here ", he said just a moment I need to start another IV and out I went again. The infiltrated site is very swollen, red and tender. I have weak veins I guess.

Okay more feeling coming back. My tongue says there are wires on my two last upper teeth connected to the flipper. Do I dare to try and take it out or wait and call the dentist in the morning? I am leaning towards the morning call.
With the way my fabric pulling (avalanches) and baking (cinnamon soup) I am hanging things up for the night.
But I am still without pain.



Tami C said...

Sorry things seem to be going poorly for you Sue. Maybe it's time to sit and relax and watch a movie. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

dakotaessence said...

Hi Subee, I've had over 24 hours total of periodontial gum surgery so can relate. It took me weeks to get used to the flipper. Especially distressing to me was learning to talk again with this foreign thing in my mouth!!!! It'll all come together though, so hang on.

To remove the flipper use the index fingers of both hands, fingers on each cheek side of the flipper and pull down. It may feel difficult to remove now as the gum tissue is swollen, and it may feel real uncomfortable tomorrow after all the numbing is gone...

~Jillian in North Dakota

Carolyn Sullivan said...

Been there done that... no flipperthing though.
put heat,as in warm wet wash clothe on infiltrated IV site.take off when cool replace w warm it on and off for a few times

Tricia Sagen said...

My goodness--4 years!!! All this time just la-ti-da quilting away--but not eating!
Please call the dentist in the morning--do not take matters into your own hands after all that you have been through up to this point! Let the good doctor take care of you so that you can get back to what you do best--creating quilty goodness for all of us out here in Blogland!