Friday, March 6, 2015

Loving on my neutrals

What is a better task on a cold winter's day than steam pressing beautiful fabrics?And with my Reliable Digital Velocity iron it is a steam bath in the cutting room. This is not a task for a summer's day. The sweat (sparkle) is rolling down my face. Hey! People actually pay to get a steam facial!!!

I dug deep into my stash. The earliest date on a selvedge was 1997. I ripped 1/2 yard pieces from 27 fabrics. Another 15 were almost a yard only so I just pressed the entire chunk. I have been collecting this paperbag shade of neutrals for eons.

And I am thinking it was a statement by Alex Anderson I remember very early in my fabric collecting to always buy extra neutrals. Even with no plan in mind, buy neutrals. I have never regretted doing this.

And immersing myself into Bonnie Hunter's version of neutrals is so easy to do. I use the backs of many prints for subtle shadings. Hey I bought both sides!!!

I also unfolded and pressed a 40 piece collection from Moda Little Primitives. Dated 2004? maybe?
The book there is by Pat Wyss  Spotlight on Neutrals.
A book after my own heart. I want to make all of the quilts in this book.

Here is a long view of my cutting room. Yes I have a lot of fabric. And yes I use it all all the time!!!!!!
Again a great way to spend a sunny cold winter day.

p.s. my bread came out perfect yesterday!!!


Karen said...

Not a fun job to press bunches of fabric but oh so fun to play with it when done.

Chantal said...

You are soooo right. It is a perfect way to spend a sunny cold winter day. Thanks for the laugh. Hey I buy both sides too lol. Love the quilt you showed from the book. Enjoy the neutral.

Tricia Sagen said...

Thanks for the pictures of your neutrals stash! When I grow up, I hope that I can be half the fabric hoarder that you are!