Saturday, June 20, 2015

One quilt made from too many blocks

I worked and worked and worked on those Idaho Square Dance blocks. And as I worked I had to succumb to occasional bouts of OCD. So when that hit, I made all pink squares, blue squares and green...well you get the idea.
Last night I made this quilt in my dreams.
I dug out some pink reproduction fabrics I had purchased this past Spring at our retreat. I love the carts at Yoders in Shipshewana.  They are flat beds!!! You can pile bolts on them. I cannot resist buying more than I can afford to make the drive and trip worthwhile in my quilty mind.
Anyway, I knew I had made some pink blocks...but to find them took quite a bit of time.
And now that I see that one really dark block it bothers the #$%% out of me.

I had to find them because I had put all my precious little squares away before I used them all up.
They are no longer in the big container. They are is the same size container as the neutral squares are. So sad...selection is minimal.
And I had moved all completed blocks made for the last two months far away and buried deep because I did not want to be tempted to make more! There were more blocks than the Idaho Square Dance blocks in that container. And I was not sure which container I had secreted them in!

And as I worked on those ISD blocks I pulled out more pink squares and saved them. I am so glad I did.  Because even though I made 218 blocks I still needed to make 11 more pink blocks to finish this quilt.

I love pink.
And I love this Accuquilt Studio 2!

Lots of 1 1/2" neutral strips that I then cut into a bagillion squares by laying the cut strips sideways on the die!!

And here is the token photo of my sweet Lucky. She poses.



Chantal said...

Lovely pink quilt. I love the darker block. To me it says, don't be afraid to stand out of the crowd and be your own self!! Dare be different would be a good name for this quilt. Anyway, just saying and it is your quilt, so do as you please. It is a VERY nice quilt. ;^)

julieQ said...

Very pretty quilt, and you are so organized!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

NICE!!! very nice!

cityquilter grace said...

ooh it's gorgeous....and too many blocks? i think not....cannot ever have too many

Lorraine Le Blanc said...

Lovely quilt! I am always searching in my quilting room for that certain fabric I just saw! If I could only remember where I put things. :)