Monday, May 26, 2008

Orange Crush step #5 Pink and brown combination

This quilt will be for me. The scrappy one will be for a gift to daughter#1 who loves and appreciates quilts.


Rhonda said...

This step looks like it will make good pattern by itself! The brown and pink look great!
So sorry to hear that you got chastised for being excited with the mystery. I'm one of those people who admire those who can get their steps done so quickly! Keep up the good work!

Fabricfaire said...

Your talents are endless! So is your energy! Keep it up! You give me inspiration!

Su Bee said...

Hi Subee - SuBee here! LOL - what a giggle, love your name! And I see from your past postz that you have the same machines I do - a 6500, a 6600P and Featherweight. I guess it's true, everyone has a "twin" whether in looks or no -
Your quilts are stunning - love your color play!