Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eyes on me

Check out this weird sunlight reflection from my back window onto Jim's man shed. Doesn't it look like an eye??? It did not come from the camera flash. I saw it as I was walking into the kitchen. It did not last very long. I wonder what made it. I will have to check tomorrow to see if "my eye" returns.
Bess posed for me today. She seems anxious. MaggieMae came home late yesterday after an overnight stay at the vets for spaying. MaggieMae is being so quiet and the rest of the cats seem concerned. There was no hissing when she returned. Sometimes kitties do not like the scents on a kitty who has visited the vet.


Moorea said...

Pretty Kitty, weird eye. Reflections are so cool, I've seen some strange ones too. Your Virginia Bound is gorgeous.

C. C. said...

I like your quilts! I can't get mine through the machine too well to machine quilt; I have just had two done by a professional! I like to hand quilt when I have good light.

Nice to meet you!

C. C.