Monday, April 6, 2009

Batik Virginia Bound progress report DONE!!!!!!!!

Yes it is done! Not on the bed yet as I plan on taking it to the guild meeting tonight. I do not want to take cat fur with me to show the quilt. SO I will do the bedroom tomorrow and add the quilt to the bed.
Hubby said I need to take a break from sewing after he saw how long and hard I worked on this huge quilt. I do not feel like I need a break. I did ask him if he wanted me to stop and do some spring cleaning. "No" he said....he fears furniture moving is involved in spring cleaning. HA!
Here it is all folded and waiting to be loaded into the truck. We are getting snow today. Just a couple wet inches. The roads are not slick but it is only 33 outside. BRRRRRR!

I accordion fold my binding and leave it on the bed of the machine. It feeds off as I need it. I have been using my binding this way for years. If there is a lull between making and using the binding I use selvedges to tie the bundle up neatly.
And as you can see I used many many different neutrals for the binding. I love multicolored bindings. They spiral around the quilt in a riot of color saying "look at me".

The only real pain besides the quilting was the joining of the three units. I used my big Board to cut and pin the backs. You cannot even tell from the front where these seams fall! Yep! That's the whole idea!

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imagrandma2five said...

Love your Batik Virginia Bound quilt. It looks like the one I just had Lisa quilt only mine is a dark navy batik background and it's called Rocky Road to Fargo! Got it as a kit from the Appleseed show show last summer.
karen in New Haven