Monday, March 30, 2009

My newest favorite sound from Virginia Bound

I love speaking in rhyme!
The sound is the pin going into the container as I finish a small section. Now I admit that this sound is not loud nor is it pretty. But it is so satisfying to know one more pin is out and I am that many inches closer to being done with this monster! The tin was full of chocolate kisses. It is perfect for my "Basting Brights" safety pins. I am only thinking about the spot I am working on. Someday there will be no spots to go to and I will be done.
The Accufeed foot that I bought for this machine is a wonder. I totally love it. No puckers or pleats in the underside. But boy! Am I ever wrestling this quilt around. I am going over the light diamond areas four times coming in the width of the presser foot each time. Around and around. I am fluffing and stuffing but at times I still need to pass large areas through the throat space.
I took this pic on Friday. Today the two bottom pieces are all quilted and they are rolled up into little logs so there are no strings or batting hanging out for my kitties to nibble on. I am now working on the center section.
The feather idea did not pan out. I set up for free motion with the foot and the new free motion bobbin with the blue dot. Geez...I felt like I was in sewing machine kindergarten. I ripped it all out and am now continuing the straight line quilting. I also wound 10 more bobbins and put the fourth new needle in the machine this morning.
This quilt will last forever! I hope I last until I get it finished!


Elaine Adair said...

Whew - what a major project!!! I think I would have done it QAYG or at least sections, but ya know, sometimes we don't know what to do until we're there! I'll be happy to see it DONE! It will be gorgeous!

Gina said...

Thanks for the visit. I agree that Dionne is a great Lady!! Generosity, kindness and consideration.

I love your work and the pictures of your cats. It can be difficult to get their approval quick enough to finish another block before the end of the day...
Four cats in your bed... you need a bigger bed! Lovely!

YankeeQuilter said...

That is a huge quilt! Can't wait to see the finished result...feathers even...yikes!