Friday, March 6, 2009

mini 9-patches and some kitty pictures

I am in a swap on a Yahoo group. We are each making 10 sets of 10 different 3 1/2" 9-patches. I am nearly done making this little beauties. So I am sending in 100 blocks and will get 100 back! WHOOOHOOO!!!!!!
There are 5 cats in this picture. From left to right they are: MaggieMay, Pearl, Baby, Macy and Bess. Yes, I have 5 indoor cats. I love each of them!

MaggieMay is on the smaller table. Pearl is on the blue cutting mat. Baby is sitting like the sandbag she is (20#'s) and Bess is peeking out the window at the birdies.
Hubby just called and said he has seen robins today. It makes him so happy to know Spring is coming and that there will be no more snow plowing for him.


One Reader said...

Your kitties are beautiful. We have one kitty, two doggies & a turtle.

YankeeQuilter said...

That is like a "where is Waldo" photo...I kept looking for that last cat! We had more bluebirds in our bushes this morning...ah, spring!

Quilty bird said...

I love your kitty photos!

Jan said...

Oh look at all your Kitties ,I love the patterns on your swap squares Jan xx