Wednesday, March 11, 2009

four cats on my bed

So rare for my kitties to hang out together. I think they were waiting for me to get into bed and read for awhile.

Macy is the one in front on the left. She is an Oriental Shorthair w/seal tortie points.

Next to her on the front right is Bess. She is a rescue and is a half sister to Baby.

Baby is the cat on the left rear. She must weigh 20#'s. She is very mellow. I bottle fed her.

MaggieMay is the one nearest the pillow. She is a Himmy w/tortie points. She looks big but it is all fur. She is so light and fluffy.

Missing from the picture is Pearl. She is shy.


GARI said...

My bed usually looks like that, only with three dogs. I think they think I make quilts just for them.

Jan said...

They arent leaving alot of room for you hee hee Jan xx

Laura said...

Such pretty kitties. I have two but you will very seldom catch them together.