Monday, March 23, 2009

Batik Virginia Bound progress report

I am back. I have been so very busy. On National Quilting Day I went to hear and see Kaye England at the 19th annual Gathering of Quilters. I lucked out as it was in Fort Wayne this year. Only a 30 minute drive from home!

The Masonic quilt has been picked up.

I taught some quilting to a very fine woman I met on the internet. She is coming to me for lessons. She is a fast learner and is doing great. You know how hard it is at the beginning when you need to buy the right tools to do the best job. I am lending her what she needs until she gets her own gear. It is very satisfying to show someone what you love to do!

I have a bolt of this fabric from years ago. It is called Willow Mews by RJR fabrics. I made a serious dent in the bolt making the backing for the Batik Virginia Bound. Quilt's finish measurements are 144X120. I am making a serious dent in my stash by using my precious fabrics finally. And this one is for me. I have the first quilt I ever made on my bed. Heck! I zigzagged the binding on. I did not know what I was doing. And it is tied not quilted. I cannot believe it has lasted 20 years.
Here is my precious Baby..all 20#'s of her. She is the best kitty except for being shy when there is a visitor in the house.

And Macy is all her glory. She rules the bed. She chases any kitties off at the beginning of the night. Then as she falls asleep the rest of the pack creeps in.

My Pearl Piwacket. She is still bent about MaggieMae coming to live with us. We are working with her to give her extra attention. It seems to be helping.

And of course MaggieMae. She helped me cut sew and press the backing this morning. Yes...she was loads of help. I could not find Bess to get a picture. The kitties have some great hiding spots.
Gotta go...I am pinning the backing into the frame. But I wanted to post as I have been a quiet lady this last week.

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GARI said...

the fabric is beautiful and really looks good with your kitties.