Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Masonic Quilt progress

The hard part is done. Well it was not that hard but agonizing. No mistakes allowed (my rule). I was terrified to quilt this. I had to force myself into the quilt room. I loaded it and then had to walk away. Happened all day long. I had to keep stepping out of the room...shutting the door and paced! But I did get it quilted and it looks great if I do say so myself!
Here is the quilt drapped over the bar after I removed it from the frame. There are no ripples in the quilt. It looks as if there may be a ripple but that is only cause I must not have had it even when I threw it over the bar.

Someone wanted to see my machine and frame. Not a real good picture of either but I think you get the idea.


Jan said...

Oh Subee I am so impressed...I know what you mean about pacing ,I do that lol Jan xx

SH Sue said...

Your babies are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing.

floristic said...

I love the Masonic Quilt. I would be scared just to piece it. I wish that I would have known about this quilt and quilting before my Great uncle and aunt passed away. They were a great inspiration for me to be a rainbow girl.
What type of quilt frame do you have and machine used in it?