Monday, May 18, 2009

Country Lanes by Kaye England

Here is a quick shot of two of my GFG blocks. I have more done. I just did not have them up on the wall when I took this pic.
Have any of you ever made a quilt to go with the backing? Well that is what I have done. The quilt is 54" square and I have 4 yards of the backing fabric. Seems to me it is a perfect match. There is enough backing to allow me to add a small border. I plan on using the new Quilters' Dream silk batting for this quilt. It is staying home with me!

73 of these small (3 1/2") 9-patches were leftovers from my Double Delight quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter. I had to make 100 9-patches with an extra light square and 60 with all light corners.
I started this quilt on April 18th. Then put it away for a month. I got the box out on Saturday, since we were having a cool rainy day, and made a big batch of homemade chicken and noodles and sewed away.

Here it is on the wall. As I said, it is 54" square. Someday I am getting a larger design wall. One I can actually walk up to instead of climbing a ladder and leaning across a desk.

And to add another kitty picture to this new post, here is Baby laying on my bed. She warms up my spot before I get there.
Hubby and I really like the Batik Virginia Star quilt made with wool batting. It is lightweight yet warm. I know I will be making many more quilts with the Quilters' Dream wool blend batting.


Karen said...

Love the quilt & the backing. A novel idea to start with the backing first. I can see why you would want to showcase the fabric, though.

Kim said...

Oh lovely, and very clever too I might add.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was nice to hear from you.
I have long admired your work from our mutual chat groups and of course as I have said before you fabulously neat sewing space!

Happy Sewing

C. C. said...


Very nice quilt! I was wondering, off-hand, what you do with all of your quilts? I keep all of mine; but any others that I get done will just be "excess". That won't stop me from making more, of course...

C. C.

Michele said...

;) I haven't made it yet, but I'm collecting fabrics for a quilt to go with a backing fabric I have that I inherited from my grandmother. It's cream and red, with a line of black birds bisecting the cream and red. The "top" will be black and cream, with some red accents.