Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Current projects: GFG, Daisy Chain & 9-patches

I have fallen in love with English Paper Piecing. I hope this does not stop me from doing any hand quilting. I am sure the "newness" will wear off but for now I pick it up at any spare moment.
I started this at my retreat. I did not use strip piecing. I used 2" squares of batiks. This could have been a "Leader/ender" project but I did not do it that way. This was stitched on my 1938 square at a time. It is now 65" square and is just needing a border.

I made another black/white 9-patch for my daughter's birthday She loves Oriental fabric and I used it for the border and for the backing. It turned out beautiful. I quilted it on my DSM.

Here is my Precious Pearl sleeping near the sewing machine. She looks as if she is praying. I hope she is praying for me. Somehow I have hurt my back. Until yesterday I was not able to walk without a cane/walker. I started PT and my mobility has improved but the pain level is still near a TEN! I fear it is more that a pinched nerve...feels more like a blown disc. I see the back doctor again next week.


GARI said...

Your quilts and projects look wonderful. I am not a handworker but do admire it. sorry about your back, I hope it is just something simple and easily fixed.

One Reader said...

Your projects are lovely. As is your heart. I've heard how you probably hurt yourself and I hope you'll soon be okay.

Karen said...

I like the way you have centered your hexagons on a design. Is the sewing machine in the middle a commercial fabric?

Moorea said...

Precision like yours eludes me. I am hoping when I get a new machine, I will be able to blame it on the old one! haha. Paper piecing seems to be very fun. It sure is beautiful.

Millie said...

I just love your batik quilt made out of 2" squares... it is gorgeous.