Monday, June 7, 2010

Double Pinwheel quilt

After intensive scrap therapy via Bonnie Hunter, I no longer enjoy "same" fabric quilts. And after all this work I ended up one lousy block short!
My hand quilting project (a pink Smokey Mountain Star) I set up on top of the recliner to keep cat hair off the quilt....Bess found it!

Macy and MaggieMae. Macy is a heat seeker. This is the first time I have seen her ease up and lie down with another of my cats. She bites them so the other cats are very cautious around her.

Since her "hair cut" MaggieMae loves warm soft places. She was my kitty who slept on hard surfaces. I got up from reading and when I returned she had stolen my spot! She does the same thing to hubbie's computer chair. He has sat on her twice now!

She is so content here. And the haircut seems to have freed the kitten in her.

Positive and negative blocks for AnnaMarie's BD quilt.

I decided to make the larger blocks. The smaller ones will be for the borders.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Unless a quilt is in a locked room an cat will find it. :-)

knitnoid said...

A locked room only works if you if get all the cats out first.

judycinnc said...

Subee - If not enough blocks to make a regular quilt, take three out and incorporate with the backing, and make it a table topper. That quilt would certainly play well on my table.
Another idea - take three blocks and make a runner to be used in the same room as the square quilt. I am absolutely positive that you have already thought of these because you are so creative. Just my thoughts.