Sunday, May 30, 2010

2" drawer is overflowing! Spray starch contest

The starch on the right has been my FAVORITE for a few years now. I can find it only at a Meijer's store here in town.
Then last week the starch on the left made an appearance on the shelves at my local Walmart.
It is really nice smelling. (they are both lavender flavored) I do not like the spray...too defined..not a wide gentle spray. But the results are fantastic if you like very stiff fabrics. So my good cottons will get the one from the right and the cottons that need more body will get the new starch.

Here are my 2" 4- patches ready for sewing.
I joined a swap for these little beauties.
I made 200 4-patches.
And I love and recommend these straight pins from Clotilde. Very fine and sharp. They will bend but not break. I had them in white but a fellow quilter says the "redhead" pins show up easier on fabrics.
So I bought some!
They are 1 3/8" silk pins.
Kinda pricey at $8 for 200.
But they will last a long time.

This was the drawer of 2" strips that I raided for that swap. After playing with them they no longer fit back into the drawer. So I dumped them all out and sorted light/darks and folded them back into the drawer. Now the drawer is nice and neat and I can see what I have!

I am hosting a swap on a Yahoo group called Postagestampquilts.
We are swapping 1 1/2" squares.
Each swapper sends in 25 sets of 50 different fabrics. When I swap them out they will get 25 sets back (not their own of course)
I used my last ones in the Crabapple quilt.
This book was gifted to me from one of the swappers. And it was one I did not have! Love the quilts in there.
Aren't quilters generous?????


Girltwin64 said...

I have never tried that spray starch you get at meijer but I am going to look for it now. Some people used the dryel but they stopped making it. Mary Ellen's is good but too high priced. So I have a new bottle to try myself.

The squirrel looks better!

Take care, Ellen

JVC_Scout_Mom said...

Can I get in on the postage stamp swap?