Thursday, May 13, 2010

My internet is broken, Dear Jane -29 blocks done!

Comcast has been broken here in the small town of New Haven Indiana. I have not had e-mail/internet since Sunday last. They keep telling me they are trying to fix it but whaaaaaa!!!!! it is not fixed yet. I am using neighbor's Verizon account to let you all know what's going on. I had 164 messages in just one e-mail account!Maybe it is time to switch from Comcast...they have us by the scruff of the neck and no say in anything.

The tech they sent yesterday made me cry. He was angry and rude to me. I have not cried since last November. I am not the crying type.

He was angry about the jumble of cords behind my desk...

he was angry when the mouse fell on his head and when he THREW it it bounced back and hit him again...

he was angry about the contortion he had to do to access the wall outlet.

Not their best "people person" tech...I did not call and complain but when they called last night I asked for another tech guy. I said this one and I had a personality conflict. Hubby did come home from work and have a talk with the man. No apology from him though...he thought he did nothing wrong. But I am still without internet!

On the good side...I now have 29 Dear Jane blocks completed. They are getting easier but not faster. But then that is the joy of these blocks...testing your sewing expertise!

And the sewing machine place called and my embroidery machine is done and they only charged me for the "tune-up". YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will bring all the stuff and try it before I leave that place. It is a long drive for me and the traffic is terrible there. No place to park and they are so BUSY!!!!!



Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Call up Comcast & cancel. Be sure to give them an earful about why. Call up Verizon & sign on. If you have choices why stick with a co. with such lousy service & rude employees. I don't have much in the way of Internet choices. Frontier is it unless I want to pay even more for satellite inet or aircard, and they both put limits on bandwidth. What a world, huh??

qltmom9 said...

Oh, Sue! CALL and let them know about him! I am SO sorry he was a jerk.
I wondered why you weren't posting on yahoo.

OOooo...that makes me so mad that anyone could mistreat you like that!

Karen said...

What a rude man. He should not be out in the public working with customers.

Kim said...

Please don't allow this jerk to get away with treating you like this.
We have to stand up to poor service and poorly behaved techs coming into our homes.

Please call and complain and stand up for yourself....also don't want him treating others this way.

Happy Sewing

Judy said...

How could anyone be so mean and rude to you??? Isn't it terrible that his bad day was taken out on you. Might be time for a new company and the old company really needs to know why you are canceling.

Fabulous progress on the Dear Jane.