Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maggie Mae's "Lion Cut"

Here is my LONG haired cat named Maggie Mae. She was gifted to me. I would never have bought such a long haired obligation.
Her personality makes up for all the grooming she needs. But her fur got the better of both of us.

A hurried trip to regular vet for a "sanitary cut" around her bottom. Then a hatchet job on her matts. She looked terrible!

So I made an appointment for a groomer to get her shaved into what is called a Lion Cut. They are harder to get into than a doctor or a good hair stylist! But the result was so worth the wait!
She weighed 9#'s before the shaving. They did not weigh her after. She feels like velvet now. She is loving her look too. She has been touching skin that I am sure, she has never been able to get to. I was tickled that the "tortie points" are skin deep.

I think I will have them shave the tail a real lion...just some at the tip!
And she is playing like a kitten again. I bet all the matts were keeping her from stretching while running/playing.

She looks beautiful to me now. There is no pile of fur wherever she lies down. And she has changed where she sleeps. She used to lie on any wood or tile floor she could find. Guess she was warm. Now she is finding softer warm places.

Like my chair! With her head on a pillow. Too cute!
I made another appointment with the groomer for August. We plan on keeping her trimmed now. And she is loving getting more tangles!


Wonky Girl said...

What a lovely cat! They do seem happier once all the extra hair comes off. Time to get our Mimsy a hair cut, she is a darker version of your Maggie Mae. Adopted Mimsy from shelter, no one wanted her because of all the hair (plus bad teeth)! We love Mimsy a lot.

Lori said...

I wouldn't have the tail shaved with a ball tip. My orange persian nearly bruised me with that tail, he would walk by slap me every time. I have all 3 of my persians shaved, but leave the tail. I also love that suede feeling.