Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to Crabapple Quilt...FINALLY!

Finally back to sewing on my Crabtree quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter (http://www.quiltville.com). The pattern is in her newest book titled Adventures with Leaders & Enders. It is a wonderful book and I recommend it to all you scrappy quilters.

My 112 Unit A's are grouped in 10's with a safety pin (Bonnie's idea) and my Unit B's are waiting on the machine's throat. I so missed working on this quilt but I had obligations to finish first. This morning I was able to get back to Bonnie's pattern!
She sent me her tutorial block and a nice note card that I will treasure FOREVER!
The block she sent me will be the label on the back.

My sewing space...bird feeders right outside the picture window and I am watching the Science channel on TV. A hot cup of coffee and sunshine are my companions.

I added two small borders to daughter Laura's BD quilt this morning first thing. This has been in the UFO stage for a couple months. And wouldn't you know it I did make the backing and it is really too close in size to the finished 64" square top. I will have to pin it up and then see how the top fits it. Her BD is May 28th. So I am right on time.

Here is a closeup of the block. I really enjoyed piecing this block. It looks complicated finished but is made in easy units and is a surprise when finished that it was so easy. This pattern is in the book "Loose Change".

I have a sick squirrel. I went to a Wild Bird store and the clerk says I can get meds for this poor little lady at my vet's office. Maggie Mae has an appointment this Thursday so I will ask then. I guess it is a syringe that you inject into food. Will be no problem getting this little lady to eat it as she takes peanuts from me quite easily.
This picture is of Macy doing her bed stealing routine. Macy is on the right. Baby is on the left and Baby was there first. Check out Macy's ears...do you see they are back? She is not sleeping. She is leaning on poor Baby until she pushes her right out of Baby's bed. Macy does this to all the cats here. She is a major heat seeker.


Leanne said...

Will wait to read with interest of what the vet says re the squirrel.

Love the crabapple quilt.

Does Macy stay in the bed once she pushes out the other cats? We have one that does this and is a pain, once she has the spot she sits for a moment and then walks off.

Love Leanne

Andee said...

Congrats on a block and note from Bonnie! You must really rate! Loving watching the progress on this Bonnie quilt, it is lovely!

Girltwin64 said...

Subee, you have to be my twin in life! As I read your blog (all the time) I am amazed at how simular we are and even naming our outside wild criters! I have a stubby too! 4 cats and love to quilt! I follow Bonnie as well and have both her books! I just wanted to let you know you have me a stalker out there in Indiana! LOL.... My husband also uses your honey's yard Tonic! It does work and our yard has never been better! Smelled great to! Ellen