Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pink Smokey Mountain Stars done!

This is my second Smokey Mountain Star quilt. The first one went to a grand daughter. I loved it so much I had to make myself one. My pink fabrics were seriously depleted after the first one. What a good reason to buy more pinks! Anyway....I hand quilted this one. I love it!

I am using Bonnie Hunter's/Tonya's Freehand Baptist Fans! Love the process. I am not marking them at all. For the first arc I kinda scratch the surface with the needle then just "go for it"!!!
I am using a deep rust YLI quilting thread. Lots of contrast. My stitches really show up!

I hope my stitches improve with more practice. Bonnie dares us to step beyond our own boundries. I jumped!

Maggie's fur is growing back in so fast. She loves total body rubs and brushing now that she no longer has those tangles.
I do have another appointment for her this month. But I do not think she needs shaved again...maybe just a bath and painted nails!

I babysat this poor pooch. My brother-in-law had to leave for the day and I would not let him keep this pooch in his car. It is 90+ out dead I said I would watch him.
He cried and cried...whimpered..scratched at the door..barked and then decided to help me quilt.I tied a big bow on him. Took him for three walks...did not want any pee on my carpet. He did not pee outside. And I worked on him as Caesar Milan recommends. He minded me.
And I taught him how to sing. Hubby really laughed at that! Said I was teaching him a bad habit. I thought it was the least I could do for this poor Texas dog. He really missed his master. A very loyal dog! He stayed with us for three days. And my five cats did very well considering they have never interacted with a dog before. Well...Baby was in the closet the whole time. I brought her food and treats. She must have sneaked out to use the litterbox. At least I hope she did.

I bought a new purse at a quilt shop. It is called a Miranda Bag. I really like it but there are no zippered pockets inside. I found the pattern online and will make myself one with the inside how I want it!


Millie said...

The quilt is so beautiful. I think if you do all that hand work it can show on the back. I have some of your backing fabric at home.

Diane said...

your hand quilting is lovely-and I really like the fabric in the Miranda bag, can see why you got it. I love The Lazy Girl 'town purse myself...and all the inside pockets, can't live without them.

Gail said...

You are this little dog's angel. I'm horrified thinking you BIL was going to leave the dog in the car for a whole day. This is a high level of animal abuse and cruelity. Please talk to this man about responsible animal care.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Beautiful quilt. I like how you put the colors together. I admire you doing all that hand quilting.

Amy said...

I love the pink stars..very pretty.thanks for sharing,Amy

Helen in the UK said...

Your Smokey M Stars is SOOOO pretty! I'm planning on making one soon out of recycled shirts :)

Rose Marie said...

Lovely quilt! I've done some of the free form baptist fans on my 'Winter' quilt and just loved the process too. I did mark mine, but just free formed the arcs as I went along.

Kim said...

I love that smokey mountain pattern...I have it cut out somewhere already to sew....hmmmm I wonder where it is?
the pinks are just divine.

I did the Amish challenge with Tonya
and quilted the piece with the fans in the borders freehand. I used two colors, one Valdani, variegated purple,#12 pearl cotton and the other #10 black pearl cotton. I have to say it was really outside of my comfort zone! Love the results and freedom to quilt where ever the spirit moved me :0).
Could we see a close up of the quilting on the pink smokey mountain?

Happy sewing

Quilter Kathy said...

I want to try hand quilting fans...yours look fabulous!

Karen said...

I'm not normally a pink person but I sure like the pink quilt!

everythingquilts said...

I really love the Smokey Mtn stars too. I made my sister one and will also be making another. Your hand quilting looks great. Wish mine looked that good.

kwiltnkats said...

I've really enjoyed your post. Got it from a link on Bonnie Hunter's blog. I too made Smokey Mountain Stars (in blues). I have way to many pinks and might just have to use the pattern again.

julieQ said...

HI Subee!! Love, love, love your pink stars!! Your hand quilting is just wonderful...will you please e-mail me back...I have something to share!