Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When work for a friend is NOT work.

 I am sewing up a quilt for a friend of mine,Gladys. We met when I first joined my quilt guild. I cannot say enough about her. We clicked even though we are as different as night and day. Fast forward a few years and go back to last April's guild retreat. Gladys and I went shopping before we arrived at the retreat. She bought a twin size quilt kit plus extra fabric to make it into a King size quilt. After the holidays she asked me if I would sew it for her. I gladly accepted. A gift of myself for a friend who needs help.
The quilt center is now 60" X 80". I will begin to make the log cabin blocks that we agreed on to make the quilt much bigger. I hope Gladys checks out my blog to see the progress I have made. It was like putting a puzzle together when you use panels. Thank goodness, so far, all the measurements have played well together.
 Front of my RRCB block. Loved the sewing process of this mystery!

Someone asked how my back of the block looked with the seams all pressed open. Here it is. I learned a long time ago that Bonnie's quilts have many seams and pressing open makes them easier to quilt. IMOO

 MaggieMae's second haircut.
She turns into a whole other kitty when she is not weighed down with all that fur!
 A quilt for Project Linus.
 Another quilt for Project Linus.
This Saturday our guild is having a sew-in. We have cut and kitted up 30 some quilts to donate to the local Project Linus. It was really fun ironing and cutting up MASSIVE amounts of fabrics. And when Sara and I kitted them up we were actually short on strips! We made enough kits to hold us for the sew-in day.
 My daughter, Lisa, always finds the nicest gifts for me. This incense burner is so cool! First you spread the powder into the spirals (a very relaxing movement) then light the end. If you need to stop the burner, you simply move the powder from the flames passage. It burns for 6 hours. Love it!

The above is a picture of the organized chaos of swapping out the Postage Stamp Swap.


Linda said...

The back of your RRCB block looks so neat! Perfect. Love the Project Linus quilts. Just darling.

JCnNC said...

You are such a wonderful person - when you have a really nice friend, you never tire of helping them out and you take great satisfaction in doing for them. RRCB block is looking good.

Cheryl Willis said...

I got my RRBC top together last weekend. I didn't do near as good a job ironing as you did.

I machine quilt so I don't worry about seams as much.

It is in line to qet quilted, hopefully as soon as we can get snowed in.

thefairygardenerquiltstoo said...

Well, now we know where you were and boy were you in busyville, lol.

I wish my RRCB blooks looked as good on the back as yours do.

Gail :)

Dionne said...

Your RRCB looks great! And your quilt for Gladys is coming along nicely. She will be so pleased.
But that kitty picture is the best, I can't say she looks pleased but she does look comfortable.

sandra said...

Hi Subee,
so nice to read your blog. I always look for it on Bonnie's blog. When I saw you hadn't updated it for a while I thought you might be sick or something, but it seems you have just been busy!!! I love you cats also.

Teresa H in Indiana said...

I'm also in New Haven, and belong to the Quiltville Yahoo group. I'm working on the RRCB, but I'm still a fairly new quilter, and have found that this project may have been a bit over my head. I've learned so much doing it, though. I took a little break from it to work on some other smaller projects, but I'm ready to get back to it now. I'm still on Step 7.

Kim said...

I was beginning to worry about you!

Yes, I sure get that hermit mentality :0)...just let me do my thing okay???

That was me that wanted to see the block back....thanks so much for showing it...it all makes more sense to me now.....as I am putting all those blocks together with some pretty bulky seams...it also solves the problem of which way to press the blocks of alternating rows.

thanks as always,
Happy Sewing

cartulinas said...

Oh love your mistery block!!!!
And will have to try that yahoogroup as my scrap mountain is not very large yet!