Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Facebook Quilt World Mystery quilt

This was a mystery from Facebook a few weeks ago. Since I had re-discovered my extensive stash of batik fabrics, I felt this would work well for them.
I used the EZ Angle ruler to cut the patches from 2 1/2" and 4 1/2" strips. I ended up having two cutting sessions. I did not double the amount stated in the instructions. They were using the "sew across a square twice" method. So, after a false start I was on my way to making this beauty.
I did not like how the design was just cut off, so I added/extended the pattern into the border and then added another strip of the taupe batik to call this done!

 It is so hard to quilt with kitties. If any of you do have cats, you know how they NEED to lay on whatever you are sewing on. MaggieMae was just telling me how lovely her fur looks with the batiks! HA!
 I used leftover strips as short as 6" to make the multicolored binding. I totally lucked out that not one seam hit a turned corner! I just did straight line quilting around each patch and extending out into the border.
I used Quilter's Dream Green as the batting. It has a nice firm feel and lays so nice.
My niece is getting married this weekend. (Oct.16) So, I started her quilt two days ago. Not one to wait until the last minute. But I was also waiting for her to decide on her colors. All I need is to do a couple small borders and then quilt it. I still have three days!
 One of my favorite bloggers, Elaine Adair, turned me on to the 45 degree Kaleidoscope Wedge ruler by Marilyn Doheny. Between the two of us we have made many, many quilts with this ruler. Each one is unique and a work of art. I love how the circles move...first a dark circle and then you see a light circle! Too Cool!
 I love "Back to school" time. I picked up several of these pencil boxes. These are 1 1/2" squares for my current Postage Stamp Swap that I hostess over on Yahoo. They fit perfectly. There are 50 different fabrics in this sweet little pink box.
And here are my packages all sorted, sealed and ready for the Post Office. The PO clerks are always so nice. This is job security for them!


Ann Marie said...

OH I love your scrappy batik quilt. It is on my too doo list. :D Yes I try to sew somedays with 2 cats that are in my face all the time. I just lift them and move them to another pile of fabric, and usually they stay where they are put, as long as I don't leave the room. They aren't even my cats, they are my daughters. I am collecting 1.5" squares too. Thank you for your contribution to my retirement, and job security till then.

Quilter Kathy said...

Both of these projects are gorgeous, but I LOVE batiks, so I am really drawn to that one. I like how to finished the design to the edge.

Joanne said...

I really like the quilt for your niece. It is gorgeous. I think I may have to learn more about the ruler.

regan said...

Your batik and kaleidoscopic quilts are gorgeous! And I love your organization! I will be looking for those pencil boxes....that looks like a perfect fit!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh Sue - not only do you post ONE gorgeous quilt with a clever solution in the border, but another K quilt - Happy Day!

I've been playing/poking about "stats" in Blogger and it's interesting to see who checked out what on my blog. (Probably a good deal of wasting my time, but I DO have an INQUIRING MIND! 8-))

I have found I like the EZ angle ruler MUCH better than the traditioal method of adding the 7/8 to a size. Seems like those points with the "add 7/8 in" method always stretch or shimmy.

Thanks for that gorgeous eye candy today, and kind words.

Janet O. said...

Batik quilts are so eye-catching, and I love this scrappy one.
You turned me on to the kaleidoscope ruler and I had to buy one. Now I need to use it! This quilt is a beauty and it inspires me to move this pattern up a notch on my "to do" list.

Patricia said...

Your quilts are beautiful!!!! I also read Elaine and purchased the ruler. Haven't gotten a chance to use it yet---I am such a "scraper", this quilt needs more consistency in fabric colors, so I am challenged with a "matchy-matchy" as you are with a "scrapper". Isn't it great that our art has such variety that only makes for beautiful works of art! Have a great day!

Amy said...

I really like how you finished your Quilter's World Mystery. I followed this mystery too, but I don't have mine completed yet.

Pat said...

ALL of your quilts are gorgeous. Good thing I don't know where you live because some of them might, uh, sorta disappear...... I'm especially fond of that batik beauty.

BTW, my dog is named Maggie Mae (heart of gold, brains of dust). Your cat is ever so much more regal.

Vic in NH said...

Subee, you are so productive! The batik quilt is lovely and although I did not see it before you completed the pattern, it looks very design-balanced now. Good job quilting it too! Love the kaleidoscope top, too!

Jan said...

Absolutely love it!

Pat said...

I have to tell you that I am obsessed with your kaliedescope quilts. I pulled up all of your old posts just so I could look at them THEN I ordered that ruler! I have 3 wedding quilts I need to make for next year, all for couples who are dear to my heart, and at least one of them is going to be a kaleidescope -- batiks in browns/tans and blues/te
als, I think. You have opened a new door for me!!!!!