Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm back...so sorry for the delays in postings

Things have been so out of the ordinary here. Some very happy things and some very sad things.
Sad thing is the passing of my young 39 year old nephew. Much too young and sweet to have been taken so early. Another sad thing was the return home of my brother Michael for the funeral. He spent a week here and it was so sad to see him leave. He has always lived away from the rest of us. Out of 8 children he always had the itchy feet. The rest of us stayed around close to each other if not too close in our daily lives. And my hubby also lost his oldest sister. He also comes from a family of 8 children. But he is at the other end of the eight kids than me. I was first in my family. He has two younger sisters but he is the youngest boy.

One really good thing is DH is almost back to his normal wonderfully charming self. He credits pharmaceuticals. And says he has a new appreciation for being "normal" again. He is doing really sweet things...

  • like driving home with two chocolate dipped ice cream cones on a 95 degree day.

They were melted but it was the thought that counted!!!

  • We are going out and playing music again. What a joy. What fun! I even clipped off all my fingernails and he put new Martin Marquis strings on my guitar. My fingers remember the chord positions but boy do my finger tips hurt!!!!

  • And he also surprised me with this great old sewing box: 

 It is sooo cute and I do not see a single nail in it. 
It matches my oak roll top desk.

 And more shirts arrived from my deceased son-in-law. (former SIL)
These are much better to work with than that t-shirt quilt I made this Spring. I think I can squeeze a few quilts from the stack and one will go to his current widow. The others will go to his children...blood and step...no distinction in loving them.
I have always wanted to make a Carpenter's Star quilt. Here are some blocks made already. This is a fun block to make!!!!

  •  And some kitty pics for you all

It is very rare for my cats to be together in one place for very long. DH says look three on the bed so I ran in and took a picture. Then the battery died in my camera. Figures...at least I did get one picture.



- Jim Mohr - said...


- Jim Mohr - said...


Ms. C said...

Sorry for all of the sadness. How wonderful to be able to quilt with old shirts and remember who wore them.

shannon said...

sorry for your loss.

my husband got me a roll top sewing box just like yours couple years back...

Janet O. said...

I play violin, mandolin and uke--I understand the sore fingers. I think guitar makes your fingers more sore than my instruments.
DH is very thoughtful. What a gorgeous sewing box!
Your Carpenter's Star blocks look great in plaids!

Judy Dietrich said...

Glad you husband is happy again--always nice to have them around when they are in a good mood!! Sorry about the sad news--it seems to come no matter how we feel. The shirt blocks are awesome. That is a great block to really see the patterns of the shirts fabrics. Take care.

Teresa in Music City said...

Subee I am so sorry for your loss! You are right - that is much too young!!! My siblings and I all live away from each other, and it is always bittersweet to have to part after a nice visit.

Love your Carpenter's Star blocks!!!!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you at this sad time. I see yours goes in three's as well. I am glad your sewing and trying to get through it all. Loving the carpenters stars.

Kay said...

Sorry for the sad things. I'm glad that your husband is feeling better.
Love the block. Makes me want to sew one up too.

regan said...

I'm so sorry for all of your losses. But thankfully, your hubby is feeling better. Keep on quilting....it soothes the soul.

Debra said...

Sorry for your loss.

Your carpenters wheel blocks look very striking thats a block I've always wanted to make too.

Love the kitty photo, don't think I'd ever see my 3 cats all sleeping on the same bed. Good catch.

Debra said...

Sorry for your loss.

Your carpenters wheel blocks look very striking, its a block I've always wanted to do too.

Love the photo of your kittys I don't think my 3 cats would ever sleep on the same bed together. Good catch.