Saturday, November 3, 2012

A new bass guitar!!!!!!!!!

My debut playing and singing did not go as well as I dreamed hoped.
The guitar strap was too long for me. (DH is 6'2" I am 5'6")
Okay...small adjustment.
Then the guitar was not coming through the speakers.
Okay... plug was not inserted all the way after fixing the strap length.
I am so nervous that I will forget the words.
Okay...words went fine it was the chords that I had issues with.
I sounded strained, distracted and lousy.
So sorry are the talent. I am the background.
Note to are the background, you are the background, you are the background, you are the background..........

 James bought an electric bass guitar a couple weeks ago. Way too heavy for me.
James bought this acoustic bass today.
And so does MaggieMae. She sat next to me the whole time I was practicing.
Bass guitar is background...yes it is...whoohooo!!!!!!

James is so talented. He keeps the yard and garden blooming all summer. This is a Gerber Daisy he bought for me in March (BD present). We wanted it in the house but not to let these bad kitties chew on it. So he made a plant hanger. He is soooo talented!!!!

Macy on a baby afghan.
It is too big to fit back in the plastic bag and Macy took advantage of the clean yarn. Sigh! I am nearly done with this mini-ripple. Not so mini I guess. There is nearly 16 oz. of yarn in it!!!!!!

My Pieced Hexie templates arrived this week.  Another gadget for sewing!!!
Thanks Mickey Depre!!!!!!!!! Talented artist designer friend!!!!


Teresa in Music City said...

Oh boy! A shiny new toy!!! I bet you did much better than you think you did singing :*) And Hexies!!! Yay!!! Do you already have a project in mind or just toying with ideas? There's so much you can do with hexies :*)

Sarah Martin said...

Oooo! I have always wanted one of those acoustic basses! Lucky you!!
Hey, if you're still looking for an electric bass, check out the Steinberger type...Very lightweight and sound great.