Friday, March 22, 2013

Fussy cut Hexagon quilt top progress

I cannot begin to tell you all how thrilled I am with the progress I have made on this hexagon venture. I have been making the large rosettes for months. And since I started this a few years ago and then stopped, it is really an old UFO!

I started assembling the quilt today. Look what I have done! I love it! I really like the gray fabric in there. It gives the eye a place to rest against all the batiks.
Although this looks like it will be a circle quilt, I am aiming for a rectangle. But then some quilts have a life of their own and tell you what shape they will be.

DH just shook his head and said I was crazy to be doing this. I admit I am a bit odd but so far this has simply been a labor of love.

In the beginning it looks like a spoke wheel. Or a starfish. Then I just set the batik rosettes inside each arm making sure my little sewing machine was upright. I know I have made this a bit harder for assembly but I love those little Singer Featherweight emblems.

On the brown and pink quilt, I added a dark brown border and it suddenly said it was finished! I have the backing already pinned in the frame and am ready to baste this up for quilting. The binding is made too.
I have a new candy love: Lifesaver Jellybeans! Oh boy!! Had to go and buy more before they are all gone. Was 5  bags enough?????? When those are gone...Easter candy will be but a memory.


Grit said...

Your hexagons are so fantastic. And I love your quilt.

Greetings Grit

Karen said...

I like how you have fussy cuts in your hexagons.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Beautiful Hexies! I love basting the hexies but just hate sewing them together, so I have abandoned mine. Maybe someday I will pull them out again. Love your pink and brown quilt, I am making a pink and brown klosjes quilt, great color combination.

Gayle said...

Wherever did you find that Featherweight fabric? What a delight! I'm getting some fabrics together so I can take some hexies to work on when hubby & I take a trip next month - they're SO portable!

Deb said...

Your hexies are fabulous and the pink and brown quilt lovely.

Vic in NH said...

I love your pink and brown quilt! It is a classic and will stand the test of time when the other types of faddish quilts are outdated.

Tami C said...

Hi Suebee! Your fussy cut hexies are really looking good! I like the dark brown border on your brown and pink quilt. It really looks nice. Thought I'd let you know my cats just love their beds. They both sleep in them all the time. Great job!!