Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the pink and brown rejoice!!!!

Once again I cannot thank Our Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame for her inspirations!
All it took was one look at this post:

And I was off and running sewing!!!
In two days I had 152 blocks made using her streamlined method. I made 20 with the browns in the corners and 132 with the pinks in the corners.
Looking at the antique quilt it seems I only needed 110 blocks. And since at the beginning of the cutting marathon I was cutting duplicates, I can set those aside and still have enough blocks to copy this beauty!!!

I was not sure I would like Bonnie's sewing method. But it is so fast!!! The only complaint I have is when I used a striped fabric. The block ended up with one fabric rotated incorrectly. Oh well....that will just add to the wonkiness of the quilt. I am totally in love with just the blocks.
Now I need to find 2 yards of a nice brown for the setting blocks. WHOOHOOO!!!

Here is the box of parts I started off with on Friday night. It only took me two days to make all those blocks.

And above is a sampling of the grays I am swapping on the Quiltvilleswap group on Yahoo. I sure love gray fabric. Someday I am making a gray/pink quilt. I can feel it churning in my head!


pcflamingo said...

I loved Bonnie's comment "not a single fat quarter was harmed" when she was making her pink and brown strips! Love all your blocks - they are so pretty and you are FAST!

Mary said...

Love the pink and brown! Are you making a Sister's Choice too? I've been following along with Bonnie. I already had a bunch of 2 1/2 squares cut up from some scraps that were gifted to me. This is such a fun way to put them to good use!

Janet O. said...

Well, I loved that quilt Bonnie shared, too, but I didn't turn around and have one coming together in a heartbeat like you did! Woman, where do you get your energy?!? You are amazing.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

you go girl! i didn't get a chance to see bonnies post, and I'm so far behind I don't think I will be able to do what you did!

Andee said...

These blocks turned into a great quilt!