Thursday, April 30, 2015

I was having fun until OCD set in.

I was having fun until OCD set in.

I have been using my 1 1/2" squares as Leaders and Enders all this past week.
And loving how many I was making. I pieced a top for my second daughter's birthday and two copies for Project Linus. The Leaders and Enders then became a major sewing exercise that required no brain work. And a few more days of blissful sewing happened.

There are several quilt blocks that use these precious squares. With the Idaho Square Dance as one goal block, I have a small white container now full of the 3- patch units. And an entire larger plastic container full of 4-patches. Then a smaller container with some Square in a Square finished blocks. And another container with 4-patches of only Civil War fabrics.

And yes I have all my neutral squares pretty neatly stored and easy to grab for sewing. When I want a lighter square I can grab a pinch full  of lighter squares. I am very happy with being organised. But then today something happened.

As I was pulling UNSORTED squares from their large storage container (in the back on the left side) my hands started placing them by color. I knew what was happening but was unable to stop.

To ease my urges I simply made two 9-patch blocks. I even turned off my machine and told my hubby I was going to take a nap.

I did not take a nap. I slowly reached for my sorted by color container. Right on top of the container were 54 colored sixteen-patch blocks and 22 neutral colored sixteen-patch blocks.

Cute little blocks aren't they? They measure 4 1/2".

I then proceeded to make 13 more 9-patch blocks with controlled color. My cake container with the patches sorted by color is nearly empty. I wanted no repeats of fabric in each block. This means I need to color sort that large container.

On a lighter note I have a new tea cup and three cones of 70 weight thread.


Kate said...

oh I love this post. Probably because I love the process... sewing little pieces together into somewhat bigger pieces... so simple, so therapeutic. Enjoy.

Nann said...

Each time I pull out the postage stamp box I think that I ought to sort them. So far I have just one baggie with a few neutrals. Maybe when I get back into my studio after the floor is installed I will do that.

Judy D in WA said...

Oh Sue, you make me smile. I am a bit jealous of your OCD...I don't have that gene but I try. That box of neutral squares makes my heart sing. Recently I used up every last bit of 1 1/2" squares as I made 9 patches. So I am in the process of creating more. I am not going to color code them but I am going to have a box of just neutrals. Happy sorting and stitching. I look forward to your posts!!!

ledamewood said...

Had to laugh at this post. But then the closing statement caught my eye. Who makes 70 weight thread? Is it cotton? Where did you find it? I was using 60 weight Prescencia which I love, but it is getting more difficult to find.

sao said...

Love it - this is a good CLUB to be in. LOL

sao in Midlothian, VA

SubeeSews said...

I tried to post this on your blog but I am just dumb enough not to know how to use an openID.

I thought I could just put my name or my email in but neither of those seemed to work.

Any suggestions?

Hi SuBee.

This is Rosemary in Pa: When I did that with my reds that just seemed too predominant

among all the other colors...I now am about 1/4th the way thru a red/neutral postage

stamp quilt.(postage stamp quilt number - uh 5 I think) Arrrghh! it just never stops. I am

seriously thinking about a 'go baby' for cutting. Wish these gadgets were around when

I was young enough to justify them. At my age..well maybe because of my age should be

justification enough haha! can't wait to see what you end up with :+) very cute so far :+)

R -
from Rosemary via Subee

Kristie said...

I can soooo relate to your posts as I have OCD myself. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on.