Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Marshall Dry Goods is the best!!!

What can I say? I am a fabric obsessed collector. But I do use my collections.
My Granddaughters keep making more babies and the gift list gets longer and longer each year.

When I first saw the ad from Marshall Dry Goods on Facebook I thought it was too good to be true. Almost bought some fabric and then changed my mind.
A few weeks passed and then I was just surfing through the internet and happened on their retail site. I found a pattern that I LOVED. Had to have it!

It is called Petal Power. A very rich saturated spinning design that is as beautiful as Jinny Beyer's fabrics. It was too late. I was hooked.

As I opened the box that my Dear Hubby carried in asking if I had ordered a set of encyclopedias, I found these beautiful fabrics.
Matt, the man I talked to when I placed my order, could not have been more helpful and friendly. And I really liked his soothing Arkansas accent.  He said quilters on Facebook were buying his fabrics to resell. I assured him that I planned on using mine!!! HA!
And I did. I unrolled the flatfolds and tore a 12" strip off each fabric. And as I opened and saw each color, that became my favorite one for a moment.

I spent a great evening pressing and cutting 1 1/2" strips from each fabric. And as I was searching for an empty container under the cutting table I came across these 1 1/2" strips all in the brown family. I swear this one bag weighs 2 pounds.

who is baking her hubby a chocolate fudge cake


Kate said...

ob my goodness - I went to their website... oh the photos make me drool !!! thank you so much for mentioning Marshall Dry Goods... oh I would love to go there...

Smiley Quilter said...

These look great Subee, are they 15 yard bolts or an assortment of 5 yard pieces? I have bought similar assortments from Checkers Distributors but I went and looked and the selection at Marshall Dry Goods is fabulous. What fun. I may have to see if they ship to Canada.
So glad to see you posting again.

Kristie said...

Beautiful fabrics! I love Marshall Dry Goods. I order from there a lot and usually order their bolts. My sales rep is James Kelly and he sends emails out just every day or two with lots to choose from. I'm trying to build my stash back up from having to sew from the stash for 5+ years or so.

Lilac Joan said...

Marshall Dry Goods is a favorite of mine too. Luckily I live in Little Rock and our small group takes day trip to there. They have so much in every area, not only quilting fabric. There is a neat lunch shop in the downtown area. Batesville is almost the oldest town in Arkansas.
Glad you found it and like it.