Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chipmunk with watermelon

This chipmunk raids the feeder day after day. I enjoy it's antics. The cats do not scare it at all. So I gave it a piece of watermelon. Stopped all the seed storing and enjoyed a cool lick of the watermelon most of the afternoon.
No matter where I move that little topper a cat finds it. Macy is saying "Don't move me!"
Here is one of Bonnie's patterns called Strip Twist. I made it all in one marathon sewing session. All I need to do is add a small border strip and then a floral border to finish. I will keep you all posted. Anna's BD is not until August. I am way early!


Christine said...

love the strippy quilt, must try one


Candace said...

Love the chipmonk enjoying the watermelon, and your cat looks very comfortable. Your quilt looks very pretty, hard to believe you finished it in one session. I love the colors and pattern

Tamara said...

your strip twist looks great. I have 2 inch strips from men's shirts. I have been looking for the right pattern. I found it. Great Macy.