Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Virginia Bound

A beautiful sunny Friday here in Northern Indiana. Perfect for sewing. I should be getting ready for the weekend but this project has been calling to me for months and the call is getting stronger. As in not able to sleep last night for sewing in my sleep. I could not resist and gathered fabrics yesterday. What you cannot see is a large plastic bin on the floor that has more batik scraps.
Just look at how the sun makes these batiks sing!

The blue basket that is tipped over, thanks to Bess running through, is where I am throwing the scraps as I use them. That way there are no repeats.
Bonnie Hunter from just got a Janome 6500P. She is going to love her new machine for paperpiecing.


One Reader said...

I love batiks, the colors are always so lovely.

Marsha said...

Love your sewing room. Your DD is beautiful. :-)

just me said...

great pictures, what a peaceful place to sew.