Sunday, February 1, 2009

Subee's strips packaged for mailing

Here they are all side by side. I have 10 different neutrals in two sizes 1 1/2" width and 2 1/2" width. I have 10 bags of each size with one each of each strip packaged with my mailing label and e-mail address all stuffed into a "snack" sized baggie. I think packaging this way makes it easier for the hostess of the swap.
This photo is of the 1 1/2" strips. My newest fabric is the bottom strip. A nice off white background with roses done in tans and whites. There are two paisleys in my selection. I love them.

The sun came out and I got a truer color photo of the strips. You are going to love one of these strips. It is a Marcus Bros. conversation print of little kitties on a tan background. It is the third one from the right. I moved it to the number#1 position when I packed the baggies. It is so beautiful.

Can you see the cat tail on the upper left of this photo? I swear these cats know when they can "mess" with their Subee. They tried walking across the strips....dragging their tails on the strips...I had to chase each of all my 5 cats off these strips. I apologize if any cat furs made it into the bags.

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One Reader said...

Those fabrics are lovely. I only wish my sewing room was organized enough that I could go in there, let alone get something done. I miss hording fabrics from when I worked at JoAnns.