Sunday, November 13, 2011

Learning to love Cheddar

I have always loved Laurel Burch fabrics. I have oddles of the ORIGINAL fabrics from long ago. When she passed away I even sold some of my collection on E-Bay. There was an insane demand for the older fabrics then.

Now there still seems to be an abundance of Laurel Burch fabrics being produced. I have not bought any. I still have lots to use up.

I was sharing a bit of this cat face fabric with a friend and I tossed the bolt on top of my shelf of bolts. It landed near my bolt of Cheddar. And I was so intrigued that I made this small baby quilt with my newest love, cheddar, and some of Laurel Burch fabrics. It looks very nice in person. I do not know if you can see how nice they play together.

I have my third Great Grandson. Theo was born early and is at the NICU but is doing great and will be home much sooner than we thought. I have given two afghans and several small quilts to his Mommie to take up to the hospital. This one is next to go up there.
 I love getting packages in the mail. Not all of them are internet purchases. This package is one from one of the Yahoo groups I host. She wins the "First to arrive" prize!
 I simply HAD to go to my LQS and stock up on Fat Quarters. Buy ten get 2 free works for me. Check out my red inventory now! WHOOHOOO!
And I also hit the clearance rack and bought that great looking green. It is so nice.

And I bought a new book entitled The Civil War Sewing Circle authored by Katheen Tracy.
I also took my Smith Mountain Morning quilt to be displayed on their walls. Sigh! I will miss it while it is gone.....but if I can help Bonnie's sale of her books anyway I can, I will do it!


Joanne said...

I've recently become quite enthralled with cheddar myself and started collecting/hoarding it. I'm making a "Cheese and Crackers" quilt which is nothing more than on point rail fence blocks made from two different cheddar strips and a single strip of shirting fabric (the cheese). The alternate block is a cream with a brownish print on it (the cracker). I just finished making the 168 - 4 1/2" rail fence blocks using Bonnie's leader/ender idea and now I'm ready to get it on the design wall to get sewing it together. I can't wait!

Carolyn said...

Hi, Sue! I'm east of you in Ohio! Small world for sure. Which shop are you referring to? Inquiring minds would like to know.

regan said...

I think the cheddar looks great with the Laurel Burch fabric! Very nice!

Janet O. said...

What a fun "kitty & 9-patch" quilt--great fabric! Glad little Theo is doing well. Had a tiny grandson in NICU a couple of years ago. So grateful for those nurses who care for the tiny ones!
Bought that book this summer and hoping to eventually actually make something from it!!

qltmom9 said...

Aw, that's nice that you share your quilt for Bonnie.~
Your fabrics are GORGEOUS! Do you have a LOT of room? I so long to have mine neat, but there just isn't room!


Angie said...

It's wonderful, Subee! And many congrats on the new BG, too. I'm still interested in two yards of cheddar if you're still up for letting some of yours' go. :)