Saturday, November 19, 2011

Orca Bay beginnings

I love mysteries. I love mystery quilts even more. And to try to explain that to someone who has never done a mystery is hard. They have trouble "jumping" in and trusting the designer to lead them down a successful path to a great quilt!
We all know that Our Bonnie Hunter (
is a quilt designer we can trust to take us beyond our own boundries and give us so much quality sewing time.
I have been making a huge effort to not be stingy with myself when I even out fabric edges. That way I can generate more strings for me! And I throw them into this lovely basket. It does fill up fast too!

 You need to make saving scraps easy to do for yourself. I love containers and baskets and use them to help me keep things organized.
I went through all the bolts of neutrals on the cutting table. I cut 8  11/2" strips from each one. Way more than what I need for Orca Bay. I am on a Log Cabin block marathon too. This is the size strips I am using for the Log Cabin blocks. And since that last post of the black/white Log Cabin blocks I have made I want to make another quilt with another color family. Have not decided what color yet, so I am just cutting to feed the bins.

 This container is FULL! WHOOOHOOOO!
 This is the leftover from the Log Cabin quilt. They play right in to Bonnie's color scheme!


hared said...

Subee, I love your blog, and love to hear what you are doing and love the way you "talk" to us! I am amazed at all the whole bolts of fabric you have--where do you buy bolts and how do you decide what to invest in that you will really use?

From An Admirer!!!

Gina in Missouri

Janet O. said...

Lucky you, to have such a jump on the Orca Bay cutting. I will be watching for posts of your progress with this one. I love the colors Bonnie chose--I can't recall if you have indicated whether or not you are changing the colors any.

scraphappy said...

Looks like you are all set for another great mystery quilt.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

It would be wonderful to have all those bolts of fabric. That is soo handy that the leftovers from your log cabin coincide with this mystery too. How great is that!

Elaine Adair said...

I need to keep this post as NEW, so I remember what "neatness" means! LOL My space is a mess, several projects buried, and now piles of stuff for the new Mystery as well. Some days I've afraid the pile will suck me IN and I'll never get out again!

regan said...

I've been wondering the same thing as hared! How do you know what to get a whole bolt of?

I'm planning on doing Bonnie's mystery, too....but again, I think I will be about 10 days behind everyone else! But that's ok! It's not a race! lol