Sunday, November 27, 2011

Orca Bay Clue #2-blue strings

I had so much fun sorting my strings. I was amazed that I had so many blue strings. And I did not even open my Pineapple block container that has a few pounds of strings!
These blocks are so tiny and sweet!
I press my strings before sewing them to the foundation paper. Then a good finger pressing is all that is needed before trimming. The paper is still on these blocks.

 My Sony Wega TV died last week. It did not go quietly. It was very scary. I am glad I was in the room when it happened. Electricity and I do not mix well. I have a very healthy respect for it's dangers.

Hubby did some searching for me and he found a 46" Sony Bravia LCD on clearance! I went and bought it immediately. Not only is it 10" larger than the old TV. It is 30 pounds lighter and is nearly totally flat. It fits so nice on my corner stand.
There is now a ledge for my TV watching MaggieMae to sit on. She used to have to watch it from the end table.
 She knows there will be a flash and always shuts her eyes. Smart kitty!
 She is watching her favorite channel. Animal planet of course. I also have a DVD called "A Cat Sitter". All kinds of little creatures making small sounds and moving around so she can chase them across the screen. The only issue I have is that her little body does block the remote control's signal.
My cats are not spoiled at all! HA!
 I love sewing with Presencia thread. I use 50 weight on top and the 60 weight for bobbins. I have matching colors in both weights. They do make a 40 weight but I am in love with King Tut for the top quilting thread. I have emptied one of the 50 weight cones. That is a lot of thread! This thread is 100% cotton and there is almost no lint.
I had been using SO FINE! by John Flynn for bobbin threads. But I have been having issues with it. It sews wonderfully and is great for piecing until I noticed that if I use a good hot iron (and who doesn't) it MELTS AWAY!  It is a polyester thread. The seams then open like a zipper. So I will only use it for quilting now not for piecing. Bummer!
I have all my reds cut up for the Quiltvilleswap exchange. I could not resist making a few red string blocks. But then I decided I had better stop making them as we do not know the size for the Orca Bay red string blocks yet!


Debra Robinson said...

Hi Subee. Your string-blocks are beautiful. Great Job on mixing the blues up. You've got me wondering what we're going to do w/the reds? Umm! Guess we'll have to wait to find out. Happy sewing.......Debra in Ma.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Red string blocks? I haven't seen that in the clues. I have about 1/3 of the 3.5" strings finished, fun and quick.

scraphappy said...

Beautiful strings. The tiny little size came together so quickly. I'm ready to make more as well. I was thinking more of the same size. I remember a while ago when Bonnie posted about making red string blocks but I'm sure she didn't mention the size. I guess waiting is all part of the fun of a mystery.

Janet O. said...

I am glad to hear someone else has had the "melting thread" experience. It happened to me on a handful of quilts before I realized what was happening. Now I only piece with cotton, but I've asked several quilting friends about it and no one else has had it happen. And they piece with polyester thread all the time. I guess their iron's "hot" isn't quite as hot as mine! : )
Beautiful string blocks.

Ellen said...

I find that string blocks are fun to make but time consuming. I like all the little surprise fabrics in them. I read in Bonnie's instructions that there will be red strings as well.

Candace said...

Glad the tv going didn't cause a big problem. I'll bet you're enjoying the bigger screen and your kitty is definitely enjoying the extra space. Love your little string blocks, they are going to look great with that red.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Do we know its going to be red string blocks? Your progress looks great!

Mary said...

Do you have a good source for the Presencia threads? I have been using Aurifil and have been please with it, but those big spools would be great.

Marie said...


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