Monday, December 31, 2012

One spoiled Siamese named Macy Gray

Poor Macy...she suffers so when the colder weather hits. She can tolerate summer when we have the air conditioning on...she goes to the warm garage. But now that winter is here she craves deep warmth.
So, out comes the old heating pad. If a cat can hug a flat object, she can!!! Here she is on my Hubby's computer desk. She will sit on the pad and scream for it to be turned on. We also move it around the room for her. No she is not too spoiled!!

I feel that the backside of your patchwork should be neat and straight too. And if it is the front side will be even better!!!

I have the 4 triangle #1's done. And eight (8) of the twelve (12) triangles #2 done.
I was surprised to see clue #7 posted today. No complaints here!!!

I lay a "master" plan on a piece of batting and use that as my guide. I have folded it away for tonight and will finish the last four (4) triangles tomorrow.

Perhaps three years ago when Bonnie Hunter's first book came out, I made my bed quilt. I called it Batik Virginia Stars. It is retired from the bed right now because I have my log cabin quilt on the bed.
I was going through a drawer where I have all of Kaye England's rulers and patterns. And I found 12 more blocks. In as little as an hour I have the above small lap quilt pieced into a lap size quilt!!! WHOOHOOO!!! I was watching the newer King Kong movie. Naomi Watts is so beautiful!!!

I am finally getting the hang of my bread machine. I have been making two loaves a week. It smells so good when it is baking!!! And makes the best french toast!!!

And here was another find while searching for greens. 24 star blocks with a Dan Morris kitty fussy cut as the centers. One of my swappers actually sent me more of this fabric so I cut one center block and voila' another lap size quilt to join the LONG line of quilts that need quilted!!!



Your work is so gorgeous and as you said the back is as pretty as the front. Good job.

regan said...

Too funny about Macy.....she does look like she's giving it a hug! lol And YAY for those two 'found' quilts you had stashed away! Isn't it so fun to come across something you totally forgot about.....and those were nearly done, too! Yippee! They're both beautiful!

Am working on clue 7.....just taking a little break! lol

Stacey said...

Hi Subee, I am making bread too. Every other day it seems. I love it how the aroma travels upstairs right into my sewing room. It's a very comforting feeling. Try my herb butter recipe on my blog. It is delicious on a nice thick piece of toasted bread.

Oh yes, and your quilts are all beautiful too.

Luann said...

Beautiful, as always! Wondering if lap quilt should be cat quilt!

Mary said...

Your Easy Street is looking great, and the bread looks yummy! Homemade bread sounds yummy! If I wasn't out of yeast, I'd make some! (Can't tear myself away from ES long enough to go to store!) Happy New Years to you and yours!

Cheryl Willis said...

are you doing this one as two quilts? I am anxious to see how your put it together, bet it(they) are beautiful!

Teresa in Music City said...

Boy, you seem to have a magic drawer with lots of wonderful things hiding in there for you to find :*D Love your Virginia Stars lap quilt - it shines like stars for sure! I'm working on those setting triangles for Easy Street too. Loving the way this quilt turned out!!!!

hared said...

Subee, would you be willing to share your successful bread machine recipes? We have a machine, but didn't much like the boxed mixes or recipes that came with it, and so into the storeroom the machine went! Sounds like you have perfected some recipes, we'd love to try them out! Thanks for considering--

Gina in Missouri

Donna said...

Gorgeous quilts!!!