Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More Easy Street progress.

Plugging away here in Indiana on Our Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street.
Bonnie was so clever this time...she had us do the border units first so we would not leave them out. Clever Bonnie...
I am doing this quilt in two color ways. Boy! This one really looks "limey green" to me. But this is still okay with me as one of my Grand daughters loves limey green. And since her birthday is coming in March I am thinking this quilt will be gifted to her.
I have 7 of the "A" blocks done today. Slow going but I am very OCD about fabrics being really scrappy in each block. I want them spread around equally.



Cheryl Willis said...

looking good. I am doing mine in sets, so each block will have similar fabrics in it but will be different from its neighbor.
I got lazy on one of my parts and did them all the 'same' it looks pretty neat now that I am starting to put blocks together.

Take you time, you will still finish two before most of us do one- lol

Mego said...

It looks GOOD. I am still on the 'insert' blocks because I TOO have OCD and set up all the blocks first. They are ALMOST done. Then I'll sit in front of the last two episodes of HOMELAND and set up the A blocks...hang in there!

Grit said...

Sehr schön.
Liebe Grüße Grit