Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Second Easy Street progress

I was more confused working on the second Easy Street than I was on the first one!!
I figure it is cause I am only using three colors and Our Bonnie used five.
After much hair pulling I did get 9 of Block A made.
This quilt will be much smaller than the original quilt.

My long arm quilter came and picked up the big Easy Street last night.
I had a 90" wide piece of muslin for the back. And since I had made extra 4 patches I added a triple row to the backing. Should be very interesting. My quilter may use turquoise or purple to quilt with. She will do a great job. I trust her.

My little container is now full of papers using Bonnie's recommendation to use heavier papers. I even used the cover off a phone book!!

I should have taken a photo of the completed Girl Scout vest. But this was how I spent the entire Tuesday. Being OCD I also sewed around the iron on patches.

I found this great backing fabric in my stash. After I quilted this quilt I washed what was left and am going to include a good sized piece in each of my quiltvilleswapper's envelopes. A hostess gift in reverse.

Just did some in the ditch quilting and this puppy is all done, bound and labeled.


Karen said...

The pinks and tans work very well with this block. Do you have a border planned for the quilt?

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

You have been very very busy.

Janet O. said...

Can't believe you are making a second Easy Street. I'm struggling to make one!

Teresa in Music City said...

Can't wait to see your Easy Street quilted! I'm still piecing the blocks but it's okay because I'm in no hurry :*) Love that kitty fabric you found in your stash! Your quilt looks wonderful!!!