Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Andrew's trucking quilt and comments on colonoscopies

Love working with panels. They are colorful and make such a fast quilt when you add a border. I bought this entire fabric line when it first debuted last year(?) or the year before. I knew it was destined to be a quilt for my GREAT grandson. Yes...you read that right...a great grandson. Anyway...just an hour or so to add a border to make it 48X57. Another hour or so to pin baste it and a nice afternoon of quilting to keep my mind off the fact that I was fasting before my scope, add the binding and one great quilt is born.

I even had the steel/chrome fabric for the backing. I still need to whip out a pillowcase and the November 4th birthday present is completed.

Now about colonoscopies...I had a screening one done 4 years ago. Some bathroom issues came up and I saw a surgeon last week. He immediately scheduled me for another scope and found a polyp. He removed it and I am waiting for results. Besides feeling totally invaded down in that area, I am doing ok. But am still having the same issues that brought me to his office in the first place. So, please readers, get your exam if it is needed. I will post on my test results when I get them.

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angela said...

Good luck with your results. My husband had to have one a few months ago. Thank goodness all is ok.