Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kaleidoscope quilts from wedge ruler

This is a test block for another grand daughter's birthday. She loves purple. I did all the strips sets today and cut them into the wedge shapes. I hope to sew them this next week. I also did several strip sets in greens to mix into the purples. Cross your fingers....
All done and again wonderful hubby is holding it up for me. This quilt came about as a personal challenge to myself. I won a yard of "ugly" fabric at the last guild meeting. I wanted to prove to them that the fabric was BEAUTIFUL! Tomorrow night is the next guild meeting and I plan on bringing this for show and tell. I also need to find a yard of ugly fabric to offer as a prize. Yikes! I love all of my fabric and hate to say one is UGLY!

I mitered the corners. And the guitar stripe was so perfect for this project.

Here is a closeup of the easy straight line quilting I did on my Janome 6600P. I love this machine! I used a 40 weight gold top thread and a deep blue John Flynn's So Fine in the bobbin. This machine takes whatever thread combination I throw at her!


cockermom said...

Wow! that is fabulous, I love the purples too! What is the pattern and where can I find it? Strip piecing is becoming my favorite thing to do but I have not run across that pattern.

Pokey said...

Your purple kaleidoscope really is attractive, cannot wait to see the progress. pokey

Elaine Adair said...

I am positively squirming in my seat, excitedly slobbering over BOTH of your K quilts - can't figure which I like better - they are BOTH wonderful.

Then, I scroll down and see yet another squirm-in-my-chair Star Struck quilt - you have been going to town, girl, while I have been stuck in the house, coughing!!! What a bunch of eye-candy you are providing to me. 8-)))) THank you for the visual lift.

Sallie said...

Hi SuBee,

I have seen these kaleidiscopes on several blogs, but no info on whose rulers these are and the strategy behind the strip sets. Are there directions on the web?

Thaks, Sallie in Va

Bluejanem said...

It looks spectacular Subee - a great job and I love the colour combination.