Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Purple Kaleidoscope quilt border and container Hubby bought me!

Sorry I have no pics of the whole quilt but check out this wild stripe I used for one border on the purple Kaleidoscope quilt. I used this fabric as my one yard of "ugly" fabric giveaway at the last guild meeting. It truely is not ugly...just busy. I plan on adding a 4 1/2" border of one of the purples in the blocks. But another quilt butted in before I got to it. I will blog about that in my next post.

And a good picture of my new iron that I have slowly learned to love. It is a Reliable Digital Velocity V100. Pricey but really worth every penny.

My Hubby was at the local hardware store and he actually paid money for this too cute container. It cost him $1.00. I think it should have been a give away but besides that it is a great container. I plan on using it for waste triangles or random fabric pieces at the sewing machine. The top just pops off. I washed it by hand and there are no smells or grease inside or out. I will glue a nice circle of fabric to the lid to cover that label.

It almost looks like a urinal...where does my mind get these ideas?
Anyway...isn't it cute? And I was sooooo touched by his thoughtfullness. He knows I LOVE plastic containers. Periodically we/I have to purge the tupperware cabinet of containers I have collected. That is the only way we can get the cabinet shut! HA! (Or find anything easily!)
Useless plastic items reminds me of a song by Nanci Griffith...Love at the Five & Dime....I think is the correct title. Help me out Bonnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teri said...

OK, tell me the down and dirty of the iron. I have been waiting for someone to purchase the iron and write and review. Sure I have read professional reviews, but they are gifted the product to try. Who wouldn't give a good review to something that was free!!

Rose Marie said...

The striped fabric ties in very well with your quilt .... I'm using stripes more and more in my borders. Great container and I like your idea for gluing fabric on the lid.

Moorea said...

I really like the stripes. You cannot have too many containers- that is my motto. You should see my garage!